I want some input please.


I am looking at elephant toenails and I am considering Case, K-BAR and Bull Dog. I understand Bull Dog is made in Germany and maybe someone can comment as to the quality of this knife company. I am uncertain on the other two as well and I want something of qood quality and will last. My intention is to use this knife.



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You can't lose with a Case. Bulldog makes a nice toenail also.
Donald- toenails are my favorite. But I don't use them; I collect them, so can't speak to blade sharpness, durability, etc., but Great Eastern Cutlery makes the knife like it used to be made- from a look and feel point of view- high quality. Case makes a nice toenail too.
What type of cutting task are you gonna use the toenail knife for?  My choice would be Great Eastern or Bulldog.

Hi Robert,


I will be honest I am new to these types of knives. I have never owned one and this might be a crazy idea but I wanted one to carry and use as a general pocket knife, for general cutting and use.

We own a few Toenails but have never had one as a user.  Scott put it best - but Great Eastern Cutlery makes the knife like it used to be made- from a look and feel point of view- high quality.  I know that in 2010 Great Eastern was producing some Bulldog Brand toenails
So I hear allot about this company and trying to understand. I see a few Great Eastern knives that have both Northfield and Tidioute on the blades. What is the difference? In my researcg I also see a company called Schatt & Morgan. Can anyone speak for this company?

Great Eastern Cutlery has three house brands.  Tidioute, Northfield and Great Eastern.  Tidioute and Northfields are 1095 carbon steels. Great Eastern is always stainless. New patterns always come out Tidioute then Northfield Then Great Eastern. From their site:

Here at Great Eastern Cutlery, we are out of fashion in today’s world of chain stores and imports; we prefer to be known for “MADE IN THE USA”. Established in August of 2006 by original partners, Bill Howard and Ken Daniels, we blend a mix of mostly skilled manufacturing processes and a few contemporary machine operations to produce high quality classically designed pocket cutlery. In just a few short years we have achieved a reputation for craftsmanship and dedication to tradition, and along the way we have become a successful American manufacturing company.

Just as a Post script...We ordered a Toenail from them today

well I guess that answered that.:)


 I am not sure if I will actually use this or set it aside and just save this with my other knives. In any event I intend to pass it down to my grandson. This is what I expect from a quality knife--Something that can be passed down.

If you have never owned a Great Eastern or one of their call names, You will not be disappointed with the knife or the money you have spent.



well I intend to order one and I will give everyone a report:)

Looking forward to hearing what you think about one.  Please let us know

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