The old question, April Showers bring...right!......Expanded LIKE capability on iKnife Collector.


iKnife Collector and the network designers at ning have spent the last several weeks making a series of improvements to the like feature, including:

Like buttons that are now available for most every feature including  Photos, Videos, Blogs, Events, Discussions, Groups, Pages and even your Profiles. Yes, at iKC you can like a friend's page or you can like yourself.How good is that!?!


Can't remember what or who you liked ? Also available now exclusively on iKnife Collector is a revamped My Likes on My Page that shows iKC members their Likes month-to-month over time. Just go to your My Page and click on My Likes.

So join in the fun and Like your way through iKnife Collector now.

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You do good work, Steve.

I like too !!!
Aw shucks fellas it was nuthin!
Steve .. I know the time you dedicate to iKC .. tis a better place here for it .. "I like"  'n appreciate !!!!  :D ale

Steve"Hog"Hanner said:
Aw shucks fellas it was nuthin!
steve thanks for helping keep ikc on the  forefront of technology we appreciate all  your help and time you have put in to keep us on the leading edge of things.job well done my friend thank you again....
I keep a dictionary under my computer desk to help find misspelled words.  Trouble with that is you need to know how to spell them to look them up.   DUH!

Craig T. (max) McGruder said:
This is a fantastic feature and I applaude you for it! Now if we could get a spelling feature, oh yea we been down that road before.


I know you have had alot on your plate lately and we truely do appreciate that you take the time to be sure we have the latest and greatest features.

Yes, Steve does excellent work, JJ. We need to give him a raise :) Seriously, Steve- thanks for helping keep our members informed!

Just a reminder please use the like button! And to see your summary of what you liked day to day and month to month go to your My Page and click on the word Likes! It will give you everything you liked month by month/year by year

Check out this feature and start liking again!

You can like pictures, discussions, groups, videos and blogs! heck you can like another members profile or your own!

That is cool.  I did not know you could check what you had liked LOL!  LOVE IT!

Go to your "My Page" and check what you liked Month by month, day by day! If you are not liking, you are not getting the most out of iKC! We' d like all members to Like 5 things everyday! Could be 5 groups, 5 Discussions, 5 Pictures or 5 Blogs. It takes ...you guessed it.... less than 5 minutes and sets the tone for all you can experience on iKC! It is fun, entirely pain free and it works!

Jan Carter said:

That is cool.  I did not know you could check what you had liked LOL!  LOVE IT!

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