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 Steel Sahlute fellow steel brothers and sistuhs!


Man the battle stations of the Steel Sahlute Enterprise!  All hands on deck and accounted for as I introduce this Star Trekky stlye knife.  Remember how slick the Star Trek Communicator was?  Just a flip, and Captain Kirk was magically connected to his crew?  So advanced.  So far ahead of it’s time.  So futuristic! So dad-gum cool.   

Introducing the Famars Lama pinless, double action, sidelock knife, automatic, just squeeze and wuh-tesh, you’ve engaged the blade.


Like you, I had not previously heard of Famars.  I had no clue who they were or what they made.  Heck, I had no idea they made anything.  I promise you though, you won’t soon forget about this knife.


Made in USA!   All parts are produced here in the US and hand assembled!
Model – LAMA
Action: Automatic, pinless sidelock knife
Blades: Satin finish, Standard & Tanto blade, 154CM Steel (Definition taken from Benchmade.com: 154CM: An American made premium grade stainless steel originally developed for tough industrial applications. Known for its best all-around qualities, it offers great corrosion resistance with good toughness and edge quality).
Handle: anodized Aluminum, Maple Burl wood inlay. Hand cut

For the options available please see the factory page and be amazed:


The TripleF: Fit, Finish & Functionality – 10.0
Smooth.  Sleek.  Refined.  Flawless. Impeccable.  Can I find any other words in my Thesaurus for perfect?  Not surprisingly, your natural inclination is to press the flush-set button to watch the knife bolt into the open, ready-to-cut position.  Oh, that is just too cool you think, so you repeat the process, not once but hundreds and hundreds of times.  And that’s just the first day.

As a knife reviewer, my intention was to see if I could make the knife malfunction.  Hasn’t happened yet. 

My brother in-laws couldn’t get enough either.   


Accessibility – 9.9
WOW, I hate to bump this down off of the prefect scale for one-tenth of a demerit, especially when this may very well be the easiest one-hand opening knife ever!  All that is required to bring forth the blade is thought….ok, not really, but a medium amount of squeeze from your thumb on the flush-set button and whopa……out comes shoots the blade.

The only drawback as far as scoring the accessibility factor is concerned is it has no clip.  That means to access the knife, you have to reach into your front or back pocket to extract it. I understand that’s a personal preference, but you know, when I grade on accessibility I want perfection and ease. 



Collectibility – 10.0
As I stated in my last review, anytime you pause and ponder – should I REALLY carry this knife, or should I just put it in the back of the sock drawer, scores the knife an automatic 10 on the Richter scale of collectibles knives.   Lest, I forget mentioning that these knives come handled in a variety of exotic materials.  No sir, nothing common for Famars knives.

Maybe you’d like your Famars Lama handled in brown fresh water shark, or rust elephant, blue ostrich, or black and white lizard…..or some sort of exotic wood.  Those are just small samplings of the offerings from Famars knife creations.  And, then, there’s the option of Damascus blades, and engravings.  Good lord have mercy!

Combine these options with a top-notch gift case, inside of a specially hand-crafted, made in the USA (putting a half dozen American workers back to work) gift box and a letter of authenticity and…….

Knife collectability has reached a new steel warp speed! 

Final Steel Sahlute Score = 9.97 Steel Sahlutes!

Mega Steel Sahlute to Steve “Hog” Hanner at
www.iKnifecollector.com for recommending the folks at Famars contact me to review this knife.  The marketing dude for www.famars.com , Tim Ross, fired me off an e-mail and here we are. 

Scott Rauber


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Thank you Scott, its a great review and my thanks to Tim for providing us a look at another USA made knife.  I ask anyone who get a chance to look at this review or this knife, tell a friend!

Reading this review I expected the knife to contain, at the very least a cell phone and GPS. and to have a modest cost.  Alas, no cost was shown and by the end of the review no mention of the super compact cell phone and GPS.  Just a nice knife with great steel.   Was the cutting ability tested?  What did the knife reviewed cost?


Very nice review.  This is a company who has moved part of their operation to the USA to capture the auto knife market as well as their Italian sporting equipment and firearms.  This knife brings back memories of the old USA double auto pocket knives of the past.  At $399.00 each for the basic model, I would say this knife will be for those who will be taxed extra (over $250,000) by Uncle Sam.  Thanks Scott.

At least it isn't a Taylor made gun model but a real FAMARS shotgun/double rifle maker knife, hence the high price.

I've already made space in the gun cabinet for my "twins"; a Poseidon O/U and a Zeus, side lever, SxS both in 28 bore and am delirious for their 28 bore Rombo vierling (four barrel) shotgun.


A.G. -- In the "Shop Now" section the basic knife lists for $389 and with custom features listed up to $1,650.
But, alas, no GPS/Cell phone. That latter amount equals a tenth the cost of their shotguns.

As beautiful and as finely crafted as they are, I don't see a need for my own collection (excluding the illegal part) but in some others' collections cetainly. 

I cerainly wish them all the success with their new offering.

A. G. Russell said:

Reading this review I expected the knife to contain, at the very least a cell phone and GPS. and to have a modest cost.  Alas, no cost was shown and by the end of the review no mention of the super compact cell phone and GPS.  Just a nice knife with great steel.   Was the cutting ability tested?  What did the knife reviewed cost?

I'm familiar with these knives only because a female member in one of the knife forums listed the Famars Lama as her favorite knife to carry.....in her purse.

Being unfamiliar with Famars I googled the name and found their website. After spending a minimal amount of time perusing their site I arrived at the conclusion that these knives were not for me.

While I appreciate the time and effort that Scott put into this review, I have again reached the same conclusion. My reasons being that I am attracted to knives that fall into one of two distinct design categories. Those would be, Tactical and Traditional. The Famars knives--IMO--are neither.

After reading/watching Scott's review and then re-visiting the Famars website my initial perception of the Famars knives has been re-enforced. Two words come to mind: Expensive--and--Gimmicky. For $500 to a $1000 I could buy a beautiful custom Sebenza or a handful of Spyderco knives with exotic M390 or S90V steel blades.

I'm sorry, but the Famars knives are not for me.

NOTE: (My opinion is not a reflection upon Scott or Famars knives. It is simply my opinion based upon my own particular taste in knives. Nothing more. Nothing less.)

I appreciate another north American cutlery company for its product and jobs. I may consider a knife of this style as a collectable but I don't collect that style. I would never consider it as a user because of it's short comings in the field and it's price would also help keep it out of the field. The knifes quick opening ability, still would not help me in the field, it's what a knife does after it's open, not how fast it opens, that helps me. I'm sure there will be some people that enjoy this type of knife and I wish them the best with it.

Famtastic review.  Darn now I gotta get one of those!


This knife is a vest pocket knife to be used by those who clean their fingernails or open letters.  This is a very finely crafted knife who's company is out of Italy...with a factory here.  What a reverse from our knife companies going to China and Italian company coming here.  Cool knife for not for all of us and not for the Apoplectic.  LOL!  

Clint, you are right, by all means, it is a very fine knife. If it was the type I collect, I would jump on it. I just don't collect that style but I do appreciate their company coming to America. I think it's a well made knife. I try to explain, my opinion on knives sometimes and it just doesn't come out right.  I'm sorry, I like the little knife, it's hard to understand us Cajuns, sometimes...lol

Sweet, I want one,,,,NOW! Knice Scott!


Very sweet blade, love those scales!! Thanks

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