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There are a lot of different blade steels out there today. Some blade steels are better suited for certain tasks and others are all around great performers, What is your favorite blade steel? What is the steel that you have for EDC blades? What are the characteristics that you look for most is a blade steel?

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I like S30V. Great steel, never had any problems with it, just keep the blade honed.
I would have to go with Infi.
I don't have much hands on experience with different steels at this point, but my experiences with 440HC and 1095 have been good. I like the 440HC for my EDC folder cause it doesn't seem to require much maintenance. Touch up the edge every month or so, and I don't have to worry about it rusting under the type of use I put it through. For batoning and other camp/bushcrafting uses the 1095 seems to work great. Haven't had to do much to my KA-BAR since I bought it about a year ago. Couple of small touch ups and it still seems to be as good as out of the box.

Like I said though, I don't have much experience with different steels at this point, so maybe as time goes on I'll find stuff that works better, but for now, what I've got works quite well.
Man, you guys are overlooking the BEST steel. I speak of course, of Pig iron.

Ah yeah, good times. 3.5 carbon content makes the steel nice and brittle, and barely workable.

:D :D :D

Okay, seriously, couldn't do that with a straight face.

I think... Well, I am quite partial to VG-1. Good edge retention and rust resistance, and I don't have any knives made of INFI or S30 V! So I'll stick with what I've got.

VG10, its the best steel I currently own, and it edge is holding up very well
i found this page on blade steel i thougt would be usefull...

im going to have to go with infi

Or you could just go with 15V which has like 3.4 Carbon and 14.5 Vanadium. :D :D :D :D
i can't choose which i like more, s30v, vg10, or 154cm
I like VG-10 or AUS-8
until recently i didnt even pay attention to blade steels, i want to check out an s30v steel knife. but for now i have a couple in aus-8 and they work well. i bought my roommate a kershaw in Sandvik 13C26 for his birthday, and he loves it. after a couple months of hard use the 13c26 is holding an edge good. but for now i like my aus-8, it holds a sharp edge and hasnt chipped away on me yet.
so many of yall keep talking about s30v, so i just ordered a spyderco native in s30v. plus i ordered a cricket in vg-10. im excited they will both be my first spyderco's and my first taste of s30v and vg-10. i will report back what i think of them as soon as i get to beat on them a little.

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