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I know it is very hard to narrow it down to just one or two of your favorite knife manufactures but try! If necessary give a top 3. It can be a custom knife maker or a factory maker, any and all are welcome!

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1. Spyderco
2. Benchmade
3. Kershaw

First tactical folder was a Kershaw, still have it, still love it. But there is something about those American-made Spydercos that I love. The quality is just great.

I also like and have some of their H1 knives, the Spyderco Tasman is my favorite of that group.
I started out with an addiction to Kershaw knives and still get the newest ones to come out but ever since Ken Onion said that he will not be designing knives for them anymore I was kinda bummed. Right now my favorite knife company would be Benchmade and then Spyderco coming in very close second. I switch between the two when buying a new knife so that I have a balanced collection from each company.

Same top 3 as me! How do you like the H1 steel?

Cold steel

(no order hehe)
Those are some great companies!
i would have to say spyderco, scrap yard, case.

but lately i have only been buying benchmades.
i just wish they were the same price as spyderco and used the s30v steel
you got that right i had a hard time picking my three
Swamp Rat

Hey, they do state that they don't have any association with eachother. :D
1. Spyderco
2. Bark River
3. Busse
1 cold steel, because of the Voyager and scimitar

2 benchmade, because of the model 42 and recently the LFK

3 crkt, who doesn't love the M-16 line?

4 sog, imo they make one of the best autos you can buy for the price.
The H1 steel is alright. I cant say if its been good or bad for me really because I dont get to carry those knives that often.

I trust the steel though. A lot of people have done rust tests and its been proven.
As far as my uses it seems to hold an edge okay, though.

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