I have about 300 knives I'd like to sell- I'd appreciate anyone's help or advice!

here are the first three.  I did a lot of googling for what these are selling for in other places and am open to suggestions.

I am also not sure I'm posting in the correct spot.  Please let me know if I'm not and I'll take it out asap.

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What got you into selling knives?  

None of this is really my jam -- traditional pocket knives, collectible knives, and definitely not the Civil War -- so I didn't really recall that Boker had even done this series.  (Okay, you could argue that the Blade HQ Dessert Warrior Knives are collectibles, I'll acquiesce the point there...)

As far as pointers, definitely post at least one photo of the knife itself, in full profile (it's okay to remove most knives from the packaging to photograph them, as long as you don't damage the packaging).  Maker's marks are good too, in focus, with any serial numbers & blade steels & place of manufacture.  It's usually worth taking multiple photos from multiple angles (in case something is out of focus or out of frame, or if one photo simply looks better than the others).  Packaging can also be a selling point, as is likely the case with your knives here.

(By the way, your 1902 Indian head penny photo is actually a duplicate of the 1974kennedy half dollar photo.)

Also, instead of attaching the photos, download the photos directly to your post using the picture icon (the one with the mountains & sun, right next to the chain link icon right above the body of the message).  This involves less work for the viewer, many of whom might be justifiably cautious about downloading files from a website just to view a photo.

Oh, and post your prices clearly (& whether you'd be open for negotiation.)

If I think of anything else, I'll be back to let you know.

Good luck!

Oh, sorry, I missed that these were your father's knives, I'm sorry for your loss.  I wish you & your family well.


I can share with you the advise I have printed in my safe for my kids. CALL Bruce Voyles if you have time to let them go to an auction. If not contact Tommy at Blue Ridge Knives

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