I was thinking we could have a IKC fishing contest for this spring and summer for our members. I know, you are probably saying how can we weigh fish and with different types of fish north and south east and west, well how can it be done.  Easy, It would not be the biggest but the Best Fishing Picture of one of our members for this fishing season. Yea, who has a great picture with them or their childern and of course a Fish. We could have a judge pick the best picture of the contest. The winner would get a knife of course. Please let me know if ya'll would be interested in it. I think it would be alot of fun. Lets talk the idea up and see what comes of it.

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If anyone has any ideas on the contest please let me know.


Okay guys and gals, let's see some fishing pictures. I caught these this weekend at the camp, thought yall might like to take a look.

I will have three Judges look at all the photo's for the whole year of 2012 and pick the best ones. My pictures won't count because I'm the administrator of the contest. The judges pictures won't count either if they decide to post some photos. I know it's still winter and alot of you guys and gals are snowed in but those in warmer climates can get started and take some fishing related photos. Post them here, ya'll might just win.


Great pics Robert.

It's early yet in our season, so no fishing yet. I was supposed to do some ice fishing, but it's hard to go ice fishing when there is no ice. : ) Trout season should offer some perfect picture ops. It may be a while before I'm on the water, but I'll get pics.

Robert, You can't have a fishing contest without a fishing kife, right? Johnny  twoshoes suggested one over on the GEC Group Page.It would be nice if they made one on the #12 frame with a scaler and hook remover secondary, preferably with a metric ruler on one side, and an inch one on the other, stamped in (that last part was my mod to the jonny's original idea). Let's support that idea.

Yea, I got the jump on ya'll living so far south but we have all year to fish and take pictures. I'm just trying to get the word out about the contest. Remember you can enter as many times as you want. Luca, thats a fine idea, I like fishing knives.

Nice!!! Yea I'm still 3 months away from the start of my season. Looks like I have some catching up to do :-)

Terry, thats okay, we all have the whole year of 2012 to fish and take pictures. I plan on having three judges for the contest all from different countries. That should make it a truely international contest. Remember, its a fishing related picture. The picture could be your favorite boat, lake or fishing pole. A knife in the picture is gonna be a plus, though. Post a picture as often as you want, right here in this group.

I am getting very excited about this contest.  Cannot wait to see the pics.

So Robert, let me see if I understand the rules, If I take a picture of me in my boat in a lake holding my fishing pole with a fish on the end of it while I have a knife in my teeth that's like a grand slam?! :-). Sounds like a fun contest hurry up April.

Terry, thats about it, a wide open contest. I will be laughing too much to fish, I can't wait to see your pictures.

great ideal robert you can count me in sir.....


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