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Hello -- I am still cataloguing knives.  It's fun when I find information about the knife or knife maker on-line but it's not much fun when I can't find anything and its such a beautiful knife.

Its a fixed blade (see I'm learning) with a wooden handle.  On the blade the knife is inscribe LUCKY with a star underneath.

Does anyone recognize this?

I have attached a couple of pictures (sorry! not a great photographer)


Mary Kennedy

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Welcome to iKC Mary.  Tennessee has some great Knife collecting shows. I do not recognize the manufacturer. 

Mary-here are the photos of your beautiful knife.

Mary-I have spent many hours trying to research your knife with little success.I have only found 2 other knives with this makers mark. Both were on fishing fillet style knives.One had been offered on the Latin speaking version of Ebay, where the seller also did not know who the maker was. The other was here at IKC where member Peter Creager, who has a collection of over 300 fillet style knives, has one that he too, has spent many hours researching with little or no success. What he surmised was that his was possibly a commissioned knife from a quality custom knife maker, possibly in the Spokane, Washington area. His knife had originally been purchased at a private auction in Spokane 30 years ago by the person who sold it to him. In short, your knife is extremely well made by an unknown maker, and probably at least 30 years old if not older. As Paul S. stated, Tennessee has several major knife shows with sellers from all over the country, so possibly your late husband purchased it at a show.Here is a link to Peter's discussion, and I'll include some pictures of his knife. http://iknifecollector.com/forum/topics/your-favorite-tang-stamp?co...

I love that one too. Mine has a Micarta handle, yours looks like a rose wood or maybe walnut.  If you ever want to sell it, let me know and give me a price. I have a paypal account and all you would need to do is send me an invoice if agreed on a price. I love their looks. I have no idea who Lucky Star was but I bet I would of bought every knife he/she made. I wish I could find a real fillet knife made by them, because that is what I collect. Yours looks like a fighter too, like mine.

Thanks and let me know and if you ever get any information as to where it was bought, who made it, etc. please let me know and I will do the same for your too.

Todays my birthday so make my day and sell it to me. lol

Thanks again,


If I depended on a computer, I would end up killing myself. I am not sure I am still contacting you (Mary) but if I am , I would love to purchase your knife if you elect to sell it. I would consider your offer.  There is no way to place a value on this knife regarding reputation, existing sales, etc... I think I paid $40 for my knife, but honestly the seller did not know what she had there on an ebay sale, and viewers usually just use past sales to determine value. I saw something very special, then when I got it I saw something very very special there.  I would love to have a second Lucky knife, with in a reasonable cost to me if you even want to sell.  I love his/her knife and have a good eye for well made knives. I keep my knives never sell them. When this guy is dead in his grave (me), I am sure my wife or kids will have a field day but I will die, knowing I had a great time owning them and hope others would enjoy them as much as I did. If I could pay God extra, I would take them with me. lol

Peter. I so appreciate your live if knives. It's the same for my husband. He passed away on July 12 this year. The LUCKY knife has never been used and has a sheath, I believe. I'm away from the house right now. When I get home I will get the knife out and then we can discuss it. I would live to sell it to you because my husband would want someone who loves his knives as much as he did. You are going to have to help me put a value in it because i have no idea.

I found a knife dealer in Marion va and I was going to drive there in a week and see if he could value some if these knives.

Consider the knife yours. We can then work on an agreeable price.

Thank you so much for your kindness.

Sorry for all the misspellings. I was typing on my phone and it has auto correct. Live=love I. Several places And in = on

I hope you can decipher the misspellings.

Mary & Peter- I just revisited the Latin Ebay listing for the third Lucky* Star knife I found--Saw something I hadn't noticed previously. That seller is also from Spokane, Washington so that indeed might be where the maker resided. Anyhow, here is a link to the original auction for you to look at and contact the seller if you wish-


Mary White Kennedy said:

Sorry for all the misspellings. I was typing on my phone and it has auto correct. Live=love I. Several places And in = on

I hope you can decipher the misspellings.

Mary, I am so very sorry for your loss. I put up my reply before I read your email. I was sort of joking about my kids but also knowing it was the truth. I tied to send you an email but it came back undelivered to apologize for my statement. I am not the kind of person who would ever joke around when it comes to bereavement.  I am so very sorry.  I had not received any email about your situation until after I made those statements about my children. I collected Jewel Tea/Halls china for years and had the most rarest collection, and instead of my kids left to get rid of my stuff, I sold it all , then put the money away  for them to split. I used to kid them saying , that cookie jar is a good dinner for you, or that butter dish will pay for a nice weekend away at a snow resort.  But I sold it all and now they have no worries about selling it themselves.  Again I am sorry for my statement.

Thanks for your kind understand



Peter Creager said:

Mary White Kennedy said:

Sorry for all the misspellings. I was typing on my phone and it has auto correct. Live=love I. Several places And in = on

I hope you can decipher the misspellings.

Oh Peter, there is no reason for you to apologize.  Thank you though -- your sentiments are heartfelt and I appreciate you taking the time to write it.  My disappointment in life is that we have always collected art, watches, books, knives, coins, clocks, pottery, and pens.  My kids are not interested in any of these things -- so since I'm downsizing I am have to discard bunches of things that have memories and are very fine quality.  My husband had 6 watches and loved each one.  I have given away 4 of them but know have a vintage (1979) Cartier and an Oris that we bought in Europe about 16 years ago.  Finding someone who would want watches of this vintage and quality is not easy.  I have had the watches appraised and I would be most happy to sell them at the appraised value or slight under.

We downsized from 2600 sq ft last year to a 2 bedroom apartment and NOW I'm choosing to move closer to the children and I am downsizing again.  That's what you get for nearing 70.

Call when you have a chance.  I sent my phone # to your private email.  It's your birthday -- let's celebrate with you buying the Lucky Star knife.  What a memory.

Mary Kennedy


I am so glad that you received the Lucky Star knife today and that it is all that you expected.  Enjoy it and thanks for wanting to own one of my husband's knifes.


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