Fly Fishing Knives seem to be the premier Gentleman's Knives of the Great Outdoors. As I have never fly fished, I was completely unfamiliar with the pattern when I bought my first Fly Fisher.  I bought it simply because it looked cool and had "faux ivory" handles.  I think what makes the Fly Fisher a Fly Fisher is  is the straight pin and the scissors.  These are used when making lures.

The one below is very basic yet elegant.  It was made in Sheffield probably in the 1960s or so.  Stainless implements with brass liners, pins, and bail.  The handles are ivory linen micarta.  As with so many of the Eurpopean camp knives, the corkscrew is their for after the fishing is done.  My guess is fresh grilled trout and perhaps a good Mosel would be on the dinner menu

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Yes, that is elegant - Sheffield shows itself in the quality of that knife.

That is a beauty. I was just thinking about this subject. What knife would you like to bring fishing? I don't mean, the knife used to clean the catch but the one you would use while fishing. String cutting and other fishing chores would be top priority. I often take a small folder, a good example would be a small Barlow pattern.

Funny you say Small Barlow Pattern.   This is a Russian made (Soviet Era) fly fishing knife.  The handles are made of some type of hard plastic, possible Bakelite.  It has spots for tweezers and toothpick.  ( The toothpick is either jammed into the hole or missing.)  Along the spine is a is a pin and another hook sharpening file.  The knife has a clip and pen blade aolong with scissors.  And when everything is  closed it looks like a slant head Barlow

Now that's a fishing knife. A lot of thought went into it. Some fishing knives are made for the cleaning, and we need them, fore sure but they are cumbersome while out fishing.

Tobias, another very unique fishing knife. Just seeing your photos gives one an education in itself. Thanks for posting them.

Thanks Robert and Ken. To be honest, I'm learning right along with everyone else. I find it fascinating what you can learn from knives.

I'd like to share this knife in this group. My research involved a lot of info gathered from iKC members on another Russian Gentleman's Angler's knife.

Chuck, very amazing knife, interesting - thanks for posting.

Chuck, that is a fabulous Knife.  Glad to see it again.

I feel like I should put a tie on and comb my hair. Very nice.

It's for fancy, fishing...lol   Real nice Chuck.

The other Gentleman Knives that i think fit the bill of Great outdoor knives are the small fob and pen knives with hunting scenes on them.  I was unaware of them until about five years ago when I came across the knife below.  This one is a unbranded Chinese made knock-off.   I've been trying to get a Boker original since buying this one.  Some day I will luck-out.

I can't imagine doing much with these little knives, short of using for small chores around a Bavarian hunting lodge.


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