Hey everyone we're going to try something fun on here. I'm running a free knife raffle. The prize will be a future Tuna Valley Cutlery Co. knife (sorry can't let you know whats coming out so its still a mystery one which on it will be). The goal is to get 100 members signed up for the Daniels Family Knives group once we hit the number I will pull a winner. Now the way you get a chance is become a member of the group. If your already a member you have already secured a chance but how do you get more chances? Well I'm going to give you and the new person you signed up a extra chance. So that means you sign 7 new members up you will get 7 more chances. So go out there and tell people about the group and we will get this thing rolling. If everyone likes the contest then we will be doing several give aways on here so watch out. Please message me and your friend whenever you do get them joined so I can put your extra chances down. Thanks everyone Good Luck.

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sounds good to me two i'm in......

Woo Hoo let's party. I'm in.

Thanks Stephan

Ryan,  Thanks for the opportunity!  My bud Stephen Tungate let me know about your group.  The First Run Stag  Lock Back Trapper on your web site is a real beauty.  Best regards, Bill

Well, I'm in too - thanks, Bill Fletcher, for letting me know.

Me too.... and another tip-of-the-hat to Mr. Bill Fletcher for the invite.

Hey thats about 7 new members in 2 hours!! Keep it coming already brainstorming on more activity for on here and the website. Thanks

sounds like a deal let's go

    Glad for the opportunity to be a member of this great group,and thanks to my friend Bill Fletcher for the invite. Terry

Hi Ryan, Include Mary and Me in your new venture. I like your approach, say hi to family Mary and Me

Wayne Koons

thanks stephen, I am here because of you!

stephen tungate said:

sounds good to me two i'm in......


YAHOO!!!  Thanks for joining us.  OK folks, lets make this challange work for IKC and Tuna Valley.  I want to expand both groups.  Anyone willing to put it on your facebook?  How about the other forums you belong to?  Let's give Ryan a run for his money here!!!

Ryan Sounds Great My friend Tom Petersen invited me

Can't wait to get some Tuna!



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