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Where is a good place to shop for GEC? I'm a huge fan of the Case Slimline trapper (048) pattern and am told GEC's slimline is pattern 048 as well. I've seen some great pics of the GEC slims and thought maybe I'd entertain shopping for one.

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I have had my GEC's from Greg at TSA in the past and always been happy .
Since the £ has lost twenty percent of it's value against the $ it has become just too expensive to import, even if my money wasn't tied up with razors and sharpening gear !!


Some of sponsors have been with GEC from the beginning and all have been my dealer of choice at one time or another. I would certainly recommend them as fair honest and cost effective

Greg at TSA Knives

Reed Cutlery

Blue Creek Cutlery


Let us know what you end up with!

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White River Knives

Reed Cutlery Company

Visit Lee' s Cutlery

gear2survive !


Boy's Knife is HERE


JSR Sports!

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