GEC 792312 Montana Workhorse Whittler Knife Review! (Two videos)

Stellar Steel Sahlutes Steel Brothers and Sisters!  Whoooooooo Hah!!!!

This is the Tim Taylor (Tim Allen), Tool Time, more power, mega-grunt erghhh, erghhhh ,erghhhhhhh,….. knife if there ever was one!     

To accomplish this, I must handle knives over and over, open and close, cut, sharpen, polish, and do it all over, and over, and over again to complete a review in a reasonable amount of time, say 2 to 4 weeks, as opposed to what I would consider the use a knife would be exposed to in a year or two’s time frame.   So I fast forward the use factor and deliver a knife review in a few weeks. 

Watch video as I work out the Workhorse Whittler:

Here's a look at the pile I made with this GEC knife:

Collectability – 10.0
The challenge when purchasing a GEC Knife is whether or knot you should use it, or collect it?  That tells ya how collectable a knife is right there, my steel brother! 
And with most of the knife production being limited to small quantities, I see a knife feud in the future (jk).

The TripleF – Fit, Finish & Functionality- 9.0
Points on the tang when blade is in closed position.  After completing the cutting exercise as shown in the video, I cleaned the glue from the blades and noticed the sheepfoot had a micro-smidge of a wobble that wasn’t present in the beginning.

The finish is EPIC.  Drop-dead, gorgeous burnt stag handles, pinched and lined bolsters, and  shiny carbon steel blades.  The whole knife appearance is stammering!

After completing the cutting exercise (see video) which resulted in the pile of kindling almost 2” high,  the blades needed to be sharpened.  All blades took a knice new edge, even though my sharpening skills are kinda jacked-up if you will.

The corners of the exposed tang when the blades are in the closed position could be smoothed as they are pointy.

One of the major high points of this knife is each blade has it’s own spring. I like that!  In traditional whittler style knives, there are usually only two springs. 

Accessibility – 8.0
Both hands required to open.  Be careful when you open the main blade, the spear point, because the half-stop will give your thumbnail an adjustment in a hurry.

The nail nick (long nail pull) is nice when open, but the clip blade covers up most of the nail nick on the spear blade leaving very little area to dig your thumbnail for accessing, when in the closed position. The sheepfoot and clip blade both have long nail nicks and are easily accessible once removed from their resting place (sheath or pocket).

It’s obviously not a pocket clip knife so it has to be extracted from wherever you’re storing it.

Here again, I’m grading the Accessibility Factor based upon how little effort is required to grab the knife and engage the blade.  If it first must be withdrawn from the bottom of a pocket, or from a belt sheath, we’re using time.  Then if the other hand is required, that’s using more time.  If the nail nick on the main blade can be missed……..and not grabbed cleanly, that’s another delay.  It’s minute details like this that drive me to find a knife which is perfectly simply when engaging the blade. 

Carrying this beast in the bottom of your pocket might leave a bruise on your leg after walking around all day.  I carried mine in a leather belt sheath. 

Overall thoughts.......What is it to say I'm impressed?  I mean, who’s not impressed with the Great Eastern Cutlery knives and their attention to detail? 

It’s a MORE POWER, mega-grunt-worthy knife……I promise ya.  If you can find one, I’d highly, highly, recommend purchasing it.


Steel Sahlute Score – 9.0 Steel Sahlutes

Steel Sahlute and much respect & thanks to Great Eastern Cutlery (
www.greateasterncutlery.net )for submitting this knife for review!  Top notch!

Scott Rauber

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Thanks Scott, sounds like a solid but possibly scarce knife.  It has the look of a very good GEC knife  and for that we thank you. What was the steel used here? Might have missed that.

We own two...I agree

If you can find one, I’d highly, highly, recommend purchasing it.

Great review - I like your style, Scott! 

I also love GEC knives and your review is fair and honest. Thanks for taking the time to post your vids - well done! 



Yes, very good review! It looks like a brute of a knife!

Thanks Craig!  Thanks Andy!  Knice bass by the way!! (two thumbs up).

Doggone it, I'll feel the need to buy one now.  So many knives, so little money.....

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