I’m a new member and an amateur collector of many years, but just now really enjoying the knowledge of the knives I like. I have been told by a very knowledgeable friend that I need a Goin’s Encyclopedia of Knife Markings, but all I find are $100+. Does anyone know where this book can be had cheaper? I’m a big fan of having a book handy for my hobby.
Thanks, John
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Welcome John!  

I am glad that you have found us and decided to join iKC.  In the last several years I have found myself collecting or learning about a few things that most people would think are a little bit more obscure.  In most of those cases, there has been a book or two that were VERY highly recommended.  At first I was taken aback by the high price of a book, but after a few months of looking for it, there really was not a good deal to be found.  I went and bit the bullet and purchased the book when I did find it $10 cheaper.

After several of these types of books, I have reflected that I have not regretted getting any of them.  Even at the apparent high prices they were demanding.  I use all of them rather frequently, and they contain knowledge and information that is not readily available elsewhere.  

I am not familiar with that specific Goin's Encyclopedia book, but I would probably try to find a place to save a couple bucks then get it and treat the expense as an investment. 

One word of warning though!  Those kind of prices do prohibit the casual collector from obtaining them, and after you get and learn your new book, you will all of a sudden be aware that so many people are getting things wrong.  If you are anything like me, it is so very frustrating to see them ID something erroneously, or spout off some information that is completely contrary to what you have learned.

Good Luck!

Try a Google search and see what's available on the secondary market.  You may be able to find one at a reasonable price. 

Thank you guys for the advice. Much appreciated.

Hey John.

Check out the research and resources group.


There may be some information there that will help you in your enjoyment of your knives. 

Also try Date and identify your knife here on iKC https://iknifecollector.com/group/kniferesearch/forum/topics/date-a...

Owning the books are great and yes I own many LOL. We have tried to make all the info we could get our hands on here so maybe the members could buy another knife and just research here on iKC.

J.J. Smith III said:

Hey John.

Check out the research and resources group.


There may be some information there that will help you in your enjoyment of your knives. 

Hi ya John - 

I'm familiar with the Goin’s Encyclopedia of Cutlery Markings which includes other collectable sharp objects such as razors, I think this is the same thing....but you're right - these books range anywhere from $110 to $225.00 (plus a million dollars for shipping!). As Kevin stated earlier - quality reference material is never inexpensive....but always worth it!

Another author you may want to consider is A. E. Hartink. He also has one called The Complete Encyclopedia of Knives - 2004 HC. There's one on eBay now for $25.00. It's listed as Very Good Condition w/dust jacket and 352 pages of delicious knives. Photos of it look pretty good. The seller is cptnamerica2003 and currently sports a 100% feedback score. 

A. E. Hartink has several editions (both PB & HC) of The Complete Encyclopedia of Knives...search Ebay for that title and you'll find a few others than what I mentioned above all under $30.00.

What a timely discussion, as I just acquired The Guide to Military Dress Daggers Volume III. It arrived today. Most of these on line are anywhere from $51-125. I obtained my NOS copy from a military antique dealer in Toronto, Canada for $20.00 plus $9.00 S&H. While the book is not rare, finding it at this price certainly is! 

Another good cross-reference to knives (and Swords & Bayonets) are books on Guns - particularly if you collect knives from gun makers. I found great info about my Remington, S&W, Winchester, and Colt knives and thier markings from such books, along with some historical info not found elsewhere. 

One last good tip - get chummy with those here at iKC who have books. I know it's not the same as owning one yourself, but like you, I have a hard time justifying the need for a $100+ book when mama needs new shoes. Kevin and I collect many of the same era of bayonets, and he owns one of the best resources of Arisaka Bayonets found anywhere. So naturally I pal up to him when I am researching some potential new "investment". So far he hasn't charged me for "Research" fees...but that may be coming!  :-)

I guess the only real good thing about forking out the cash for serious reference materials is that they seem to hold their value. I can never seem to find something I like that is still in print - everything I want is already 20 years old or located in Eastern Europe.

I know I rambled on here...thanks for reading it all. I hope this helps...

P.S. Kevin - wanna see my new dagger book?  :-)

LOL!  I am already checking it out!

I have not ventured into the dress daggers and bayonets (yet), but these thing are cool none the less.

Don't forget the Swiss bayonets!  

Lars Ray, Thank you for that help.It’s much appreciated.
I no longer need this book. Thanks all.

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