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I always liked Yellow handles. Not my number one favorite, but I like them, a lot. Don't know what it is. there is something about yellow handles. They just look good to me. I know a lot of other people like them and collect them. 

I remember looong ago some guys were talking about yellow handles and they mentioned when they thought yellow handles were first produced. In the 1930's? I can't remember.

1. Do YOU like them. What do you think of them?

2. Does anyone have the information, or can remember when yellow handles first showed up on knives?

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Man them are some beautiful yellows, guys!

J.J. I would count that as yellow , and both are too cool!

Ron them are some Super Bokers!

Steve sure can't go wrong with that Sow!


Don "Grump 01" You are correct that one says SS and the other is CV. Maybe because the Stainless would hold the point longer on the punch compared to the CV. Only a guess!

Nice yellers!

I have a couple new ones coming.

FINALLY, I have Yeller Case Trappers!!! YAY!

Yahoo good lookin Trappers,

Thanks Don!

I agree Don!  I've bugged Case and SHC so many times for a Yeller Tiny Trapper I think they run for the hills when they see my emails! LOL! They keep saying they'll consider it. 

Don "Grump01" Hunter said:

Glad to see you got your Yeller Trappers, Craig!!!!  Now if we could just gettem in the Tinys, we'd be set!!!!!!

Thanks Steve!

Steve Hanner said:

Yahoo good lookin Trappers,

Another Old Yeller!! 

1975 Case Slimline, she be riding in my backpocket today.

I just gotta get a Slimline in Old Yeller!!

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