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I am a hot sauce addict! My favorite is generally Tabasco. But there are others that I like too. Gunshot Sauce I love, though it isn't really hot....even their "Hot" one. But it has great taste, and can use it for marinade, BBQ sauce, everything. I also have been trying out Ole Smokey Tennessee Moonshine Hot Sause. Once again not really hot to me, but very good. I always use Tabasco as the baseline for hotness.

Do you have a favorite?

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North Carolina "hot sauce" is basically crushed peppers mixed in vinegar.....then poured over pig. Nothing like a NC pig pickin'! I could kill myself on it!

My fav is made with habanero. I have used a few differet brands. But the habanero has a good bite.

Wow, too hot for me, Steven. That pepper, I find goes good with Mexican dishes. I cook mostly Cajun dishes, so we use Cayenne and Tabasco.

My wife does real good Mexican food!

Love me some hot sauce on my Bologna sandwich!

Steve Hanner said:

Gosh too bad you don't like it Jan!

Jan Carter said:

That is the horsauce shelf at my house LOL.  I still prefer Crystal

The salt and garlic are the key to GREAT flavor to go with the heat

Robert Burris said:

I raise a few plants of Cayenne peppers every year. Alot more than I can eat. I pickle some and some years I make hot sauce. The way I make it is let the peppers turn red then pickle them in large glass jars,wait 3 to 4 months. Then put them in a blender with some of the vinegar from the jar and puree them. I then strain them threw a cheese cloth and wa-laa, you have hot sauce. Note: I also put a little salt and garlic juice in the jar when I'm pickling them.

If it wont pull a tear out of your eye then it aint a proper hot sauce!

That's what my grandfather told me anyways. LOL

I like one called fire water and another called Dave's insanity. Cant stand a hot sauce with vinegar in it. 

I find some sauces go better with some foods better than others. And then if I figure my moods into the equation....I have a bunch to pick from on the counter! 

Making some hot vinegar this weekend, found some real nice peppers at the Oriental store today

My pepper plants die off in winter from the cold wheather. Miss Jan, since you have a milder winter, does your pepper plants die off? I am converting an old barn into a green house, they might make it through winter living inside it. That's Oriental peppers you found?

I found some orientals and some of the long greens that look like giant cayenne's .  We have found in or area buying them at the oriental supermarket gets us hotter peppers than the grocery store.  

Ours would turn to sticks in the winter Robert but most of them made it about 5 years, then last winter killed them all off.  I did not plant this past sprin but will this year.  I miss being able to just go out on the porch and get peppers


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