To commemorate fifty years since the moon landings we have produced a knife which incorporates a piece of one of the first V1's to come down in England. We only have a little of the metal and that's it and we have only made ten pocket knives. The links are at the bottom of our home page on Sheffield-gb.com 

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Sorry, I got lost on the Sheffield page.

Lots of nice sharp pointy things.

I am with you J.J. I get lost in the knives they have there.  Great company also, I have worked with M. Carpenter several times and getting knives here is easy and quick

It's my fault. I don't go in for order. My interest is in materials and ideas and they do not come in nice orderly ways. I remember talking to the American General by phone who got the Americans off the beach at Omaha. I spoke to him from the beach and it's people like him who motivate me to keep at it as they say. I am currently looking at buying a piece of a WW2 zeppelin but that will join the list of projects. The knife is also a tribute to him and the 75th Anniversary of VE day. Greetings to everybody.

LOL, Malcom

I don't get lost because of the order of things I get lost because I am oooing and ahhing all over the place.  It is such a unique bunch of knives that I spend 3 times the amount of time there because I want to see it ALL

I dare not tell my wife I am thinking of buying part of a Zeppelin. Zeppelin pieces cost a lot and processing it causes nervous responses if that's the right term from the various people involved in it's processing. In fact this time I dare not tell anybody upfront about what may be coming their way. When I speak to various people over the phone they listen carefully without much of a response but I am sure the air will turn blue when they put the phone down.

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