Can you daye these by the logo, on the left is one I just picked up. It apears to be an early Imperial with no state or country just Imperial in script. Its a netter qualty than the later blade next to it. The scales apear to be real bone stag and not plastic, very thin though and a german silver guard. Any Imperial info would be great, thanks.

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Hi Michael

Nice find

hope this helps

Michael, best I can do is give you some educated guesses. Imperial was horrible at keeping  records of tang stamps and dates on pocket knives, and worse yet on fixed blades- Your older Imperial with the script style Imperial is probably 1920-1930's. (possibly older)- Very rare tang stamp- I have only found 2 other knives with that script style, and they were of 2 other patterns. Dates are kinda anecdotal on them, like this was my grandad's knife and he died in the 60's, etc. Early on there were Imperial knives made In Solingen, which would fit with the German silver guard. Your newer Imperial is probably post 1946, as that seems to be when Imperial started using the crown above the i in Imperial---Best guess on this one would be 1950-1960's.The records on these just doesn't exist. Only hope, for more accurate dating is having someone, somewhere turn up with the same knife and have positive history on the date it was purchased originally from family history,etc.

thanks, ive seen that chart and it does not have the script logo on it, the block type is simular to some but only says USA under Imperial, im guessing that one is 50's but the script is the confusing one. 

John, thanks for fixing the second picture, I cant seem to upload 2 pictures on one post. Neat little knife, the German makes sense probably why they left off the country of origin. much nicer made than the later stamped out blade. Im glad I bought it. Thanks for the info, helpful as always.

Michael, A little trick I learned for posting more than one picture in one post

1- Type your text- After the last word hit enter to move your cursor to the next blank line

2-add the second picture you want to appear, if the order of the pictures matters

3-Move your cursor back up to the last word in the text and hit enter again to move the cursor to the next blank line as in step1 and add your first picture.

Michael, the Solingen Imperial's were considered high -end knives at the time-

highend, well thats cool. the Imperial name made it less than half the price of a worn Shefield bowie with the wrong sheath at the gun show.

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