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New here.  My stepdad got this knife in a trade and was looking for any information on it, including possible value. He took it to a knife store but they had never seen one like it and suggested this site. Has anyone seen one like this and/or know anything about it?

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Tammy - The ones that I am finding have a different type of stag handles on them, which leads me to believe the handle on your step dad's may not be original. It does appear to be in great shape. The ones i have seen have sold for anywhere from $65 - $80. Does your step dad's have a sheath with it? I know there are others here who can help more than I can, just thought I would pass on what I was able to find. 

Jeremy, thanks so much for your reply! It does have a sheath with it. He got it from his brother, who bought it brand new in the 1960's from a Woolworth store. It was in his safe from then until he traded it to my stepdad, so the handle hasn't ever been changed on it. My stepdad was just curious about more info on it because he can't find anything about it anywhere. He did see one like his in a book one time, but it did not have much info. Appreciate it!

Looking at the tang stamp, I'd say it was made anywhere between 1950-1965 by the italic-style lettering. Looking at the damage on the guard, either it was well used, and/or, as Jeremy suggested, re-handled. I have not seen these anywhere with a stag handle like the one you have shown. Fairly sure these came originally with stag scales pinned to the full tang. Not a showpiece or collector edition, but a good, solid knife meant for use. It may not be worth much in the way of money, but I would guess worth much more in sentimentality. Hope that helps.

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