I am wanting to add to the dagger collection, another Fairbairn Sykes. My question is this, are the Fox of Italy and the Hill of Holland F/S the same knife manufactured at the Maniago, Italy factory and sold under different labels. This is the case with my Bastinelli. It seems many custom production blades are made there. Is it worth spending the cash on the Hill or save money, get the same blade and be tickled. For reference I do currently have the Fox F/S in stainless Boelher N690 with the wood handle, and the Arditi in the black. IMHO these are some of the finest fixed blade out their.

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i found this it is in my collection


Hey Mike...just to make sure I am tracking with your question...you are speaking of Hill Knives Holland, right? If you're comparing the Fox FX-592 to the Hill KCT 1942-2017, then you just need to decide which logo on the blade you like best!

Same knife - but as Fox promotes, theirs is "designed" by Hill Knives - which means they probably produce it under license. Hill is also promoting theirs as an anniversary piece (with stand), so the question then becomes cost over brand. Brand-wise, I don't necessarily think one is better than the other - 

If I were a dagger lover...and I am....and knowing that you already own the Fox stainless with wood handle, I probably would go with the Fox-592 purely to keep it within the  brand family. Book Ends if you will. That is always cool, and it will probably save you cash.

But if you're after the the designer name and want to go for diversity - then Hill is your answer. 

Then....on that sad day when someone see's your Hill and they mistakenly blurt out - "Isn't that a Fox knock-off?", you can correct them with pride!

Let us know on what you finally decide - I'm just envious that you have this kind of problem in your life!  :-)

I think you hit it on the head Lars.  There is currently a Hill of Holland F/S for sale on eBay. Seller started at $200. The factory order would cost you $100 more. It is the exact same knife in every spec but the print on the label. I'm happy as a lark with my Fox, but am thinking now the next F\S is going to be a McDonald armoury, another Dutch knife maker with as close an original as " working mans" money can buy. This will expand and enhance that corner of the collection.

Mike - you're such a tease! OK man...spill the beans - which one at the MacDonald Armory are you thinking of getting? 

We all want to share in your anticipation - the thrill of the search...the purchase, and yes - the delivery! C'mon man, you can't stop the show now!  LoL!!!

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