For those who want to know we are changing the way Featured Member works!

  1. Starting January 1, 2013 we will make a Featured Member Selection based on who sits atop the Leaderboards on the first day of the start of a new Quarter. We will take the Top 20 on the board!
  2. That begs the question: How do I get on the Leaderboards? Its easy as liking posts, making friends, posting discussion, joining groups, commenting on pictures and groups, making friends and showing up as often as possible.
  3. Now whoever is there, at the Top of Leaderboards becomes a Featured Member. That's the permanent tag that sits on your profile that says Featured Member. Now here is the key... you must stay active and at least be in the top 5 for the Quarter!
  4.  Quarterly winners are picked based on participation 

At the end of the year we will pick a winner from our Quarterly  #1 winners. (Whoever has the most #1's) If its a tie we will do a drawing! They will get a prize to be determined!

So get ready iKnife Collectors! Featured Member rules!

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For anyone unfamiliar with Leaderboards: http://www.iknifecollector.com/leaderboards/topmembers/week

I'm working towards a gold star.

I believe you will get there!

Craig Henry said:

I'm working towards a gold star.

Just a few more days to the start of the year!

Craig, I think that you have already qualified for the Golden Galaxy Award!

LOL! Or the Ultimate pain in the Butt Award! 

Keep up the great work and "up a notch!" as we move on  to 2013!


I think we need a special category just for you.  I like Rons Idea...the Golden Galaxy, maybe we can challenge our folks to keep up LOL

Cass says I'm "special", but when she says that she is usually giving me a stink eye too!

What an awesome way to stimulate activity amongst members!! I am enjoying exploring the site and reading all the posts and seeing some incredible knives and some wonderfully helpful people. I think I'll be spending less time on Face Book now.

That's great Chuck! Glad to have to here as a regular! Just watch out....this place is FULL of enablers! LOL!

Excellent Chuck!  We are glad to meet you!

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