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how many cold steels do you have??? and models???

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I have 3, A voyager, Kudu and RajahIII. I want to get the Spartan and the Rajah I and II.

I have the Magnum Tanto II, my first Cold Steel, the Black Bear Classic, my favorite for its feel in the hand, its double edged blade and subhilt grip, and a 1796 Light Cavalry Saber, best fighting sword I have seen, period.

I think I missed one but that is pretty much all my Cold Steel blades minus my Assegi spear.

My spear with longer handle and custom wrap.

Nice collection.

Update on my Cold Steel, 9/13-

I now have the Complete Tanto Series: XII, IX, II, Tanto 6" blade and a Mini, 4"blade.

I have also acquired the Heavy Duty Sword Cane which is the first sword cane I have found that has a blade thick enough to actually think of it as more than an epee.

I have the staffs, machetes, neck, hip, etc. Been a fan of Cold Steel for many years.

Tanto Spike, Scottish Spike, Bowie Spike, Tokyo Spike, Scimitar Spike, Drop Point Spike, Medium Voyager, Large Voyager, Recon1 Tanto, Micro Recon1, Recon Tanto, Rajah 2, Hold Out 2, AK-47, Tuff Lite plain, Brave Heart.

I think that's all for the moment. 

And now I can add a 6in Ti-Lite. Damn, that thing is a pocket sword!!


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