I really would love to know who or what company may have made it because its a pretty cool piece and id like to know its value

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Do you have any photos of this knife?  That will help a lot, especially if you can get any maker's marks or other writing on the knife & sheath...

I have pictures yes but i im trying to upload them im not sure how to put the image jn this comment

Hello Nicholas - I have not yet had the pleasure of welcoming you to iKC. Howdy!

As my esteemed colleague and fellow knife enthusiast, humorist, life connoisseur, and all around dude dead_left_knife_guy states (a.k.a. DLKG), photos will help a lot. 

There are several ways to upload them, and some methods are easier at first than others. Here's a couple of ways that will work to get you started:

  1. If your photos are on your PC, you can simply reply to this discussion and use the photo link from the menu bar just above here. Its the landscape icon next to the chain link. Once you are done typing, hit enter to create a new dialog line with your cursor. Select the Photo icon above, and follow the instructions given. Once you have selected the photo you want to use, it will be placed where you left your cursor. (I usually create several lines so I can continue adding text below the photo easier).

  2. If the photos are on your phone (a method I personally have not tried yet), follow these instructions:
    Add By Phone - Add photos and videos to iKnife Collector from your phone by sending them to this email address:
1p2sxq8fbcb257723950406@iknifecollector.com (Refresh)

Try giving either one of these methods a run and see how it works for you. If you still have questions, let us know, and we'll see what else we can to assist you - 

I look forward to seeing your rather large Buck and contributing to the "really awesome" ratings!  :-)


I have pictures up of the knife on the main room in the chat page. Also i took some magnifying glass thing that my fruend has for jewelry and i found a makers mark. It says “ pakistan” on the top of handle.

So Nicolas...is this the knife you are talking about? I pulled these from the Chat room...

I'm not sure what exactly [yet] that knife is, but it is intriguing. It's hilt and handle configuration is very reminiscent of the Gerber BMF (Basic Multi-Function) knife. Not sure about that muzzle ring though on the cross piece....

The diamond cut on the pommel nut implies it can be removed. Does this twist off?

Still researching.....

It says pakistan on the top of handle.and im about to try and twist it off now lol
It does not twist off

Good Evening Nicholas,

I am fairly certain that this is a Pakistan version of a 'survival' knife.

The hole on the top part of the guard is most likely for attaching to a pole or stick.  This is basically a similar concept to Japanese Type 30 "pole" bayonet (Hoten Arsenal [aka Mukden] in China).

I am certain that the knurled cap at the pommel unscrews.  This is a half-tang knife that relies on that pommel nut to keep everything tight. So it is probably pretty tight and possibly a little rusted under everything.

IF   you were inclined to remove it, I would spray the connection with Kroil, and then the next day wrap the nut with a heavy piece of leather  (7-9 oz) and loosen it with a pair of channel-lock pliers.  The leather is to protect the knurling on the nut.

Wow. Finally someone could explain what the hell i have. Its a pretty gnarly blade. Lol. So you have any idea if it has any value or anything?

Unfortunately, I really do not have a good idea of values.  The values of some things really surprise me.  Considering only the source of the knife, I personally would not place its value very high.  And we have no idea of what steel is used in the blade.  That can make a huge difference.  Both on performance of the blade as well as its value.  A blade that size made from ZDP-189 would be very highly sought after strictly based on the blade's steel alone.

The other question that I would suspect that you would like to be answered is 'when' the blade was made.  There again, I am ultimately unfamiliar with this particular knife.  Based on what I have seen as trends in blade styles, I would hazard a guess to the mid 1980s.  The movie franchise Rambo had been released in 1982, and from my perspective really kicked off the 'survival knife' trend.  This is obviously not a direct knockoff from the movie, but I do think that it was influenced by the designs that the movie catalyzed.

Ultimately a blade's value is with the steward or owner of the blade.  A 1941 T-30 TALW bayonet may strike a chord with me that someone else may see as just some old knife looking thing.  That same blade would have much more value to me, as opposed to someone else that is not interested in bayonets.  Nothing wrong with either perspective.  Just different.

If you like a blade, then treasure it and enjoy the time you have owning it or being its caretaker.

Great responses Kevin! I think you nailed it in terms of the knife genre...it screams characteristics of every popular survival knife of the last 20+ years or so. I am at a loss to provide any additional details than what you already contributed. Nicely done....

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