That's right, folks! Another iKC contest! Pretty straight forward this time. Since we are getting ready to release the new iKC calendar, this contest will be to release your inner photographer. Dig out your favourites, poke around for a cool backdrop, check your lighting, and send us a picture or two of your best work! (or as good as you can get...) These will be collected and reviewed after the contest and will be the basis of our latest calendar and the new magazine.

Up for grabs this time...an SOG Mini Instinct. 

Everyone who submits one or more pictures gets entered to win, one entry per person. This will be a random draw, not judged on the photo. No pressure! Please keep in mind, by submitting a photo (or more than one) you agree to allow iKC to use your photo in our calendar. Looking forward to seeing everyone's creations! Have some fun...get creative! Do some holiday shots. Theme shots. Even some silly shots! Whatever floats your boat. Good luck to all!

**UPDATE** Word from the Boss is that we will also draw a second name for the draw to win either an iKC coffee mug or hat (winner's choice) with our new official logo! Yet another reason to break out those cameras and/or cell phones! Get to snappin'! :-)

I will run this contest for a week, I figure. Contest closes Monday Oct. 22 at 10pm PST. 

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I’m in... now if only I could figure out how to post photos from my phone directly to this conversation...

Here we go...

And another...

It’s been a while...

I mean way too long...


It’s great to be back!

You’d think I was posting on some other forum (I wasn’t)...

But obviously I was photographing some of my favorite subjects!

My dad's 1926 Kinfolks K380:

1885-1921 New York Knife Co. Pen, (original Hammer Brand), in Brown Jigged Bone just as I found it; still sharp and snappy and oh that bone!

That's pretty much as artistic as I get, an old fogey showing his old fogey knives.

Here are a couple I have taken, enjoy!


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