iKC sponsors and members at Blade - be sure to stop and say HI

I like to try to get all of these in one place in case you need them.  If your going, wont you please stop by, say Hi and thank them for helping us to keep the lights on here at iKC.

Bruce Voyles                                        Booth 703
Colonial Knives                                     Booth 1138
Fiddleback Forge                                   Table 4E
JSR Sports
Knife Mag                                              Table 22M
Lees cutlery
Maher & Grosh
Premium knives                                   Booth 19 & 20
Queen Cutlery                                      Booth 82

Reed Cutlery/Cougar Creek Knives

WhiteRiver knives                                 Booth 32

White River Firecraft                              Table 28S 

Members & Friends of iKC

AG RUSSELL                       Booth 102

Alabama Damascus              Booth 712

Blueridge Knives                   Table 1T

Tony Bose                            Table 1H

Dan Fitzgerald                       Table 25W

Battle Horse Knives               Booth 206

Greg Dash                             Table 8E

GEC                                      Booth 403 

John Lloyd                             Table 91

Tim "Chops" Lambkin              Table 17K


RECHSTEINER, CARL E.        Table 5J

Jim Sargent                             Table 3W

Scott Davidson                         Table 4M

Sharper Deal                             Table 18V

WA Surls Knives                       Table 4F  

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Ready to sell

more pics are coming tomorrow

Well it appears there may be an issue with the pics.  I will give it tonight to see if they are going to show.  If not i will redo them all tomorrow.  Thanks for your patience folks

I've mentioned before to JJ that meeting iKC members & being able to attach a face to a name would likely be the most enjoyable part of attending a show for me these days. As age has taken its toll ..&.. the internet has enabled my ability to enjoy / share my fondness for sharp pointy things with many more like minded individuals .. I now find myself in a position where I've far more like minded & very dear friends I've never met face to face. Meeting those people would be the highlight of any show for me these days.

J.J. Smith III said:   I'm not going, but think its a good thing that our members can be able to get together at an event, such as this. Thanks to our sponsors and members that spread the word about iKC.

Where's the "like button" when you want it :)
There's just something about kids that can take even the most wonderful day ..&.. simply make it better !!!

Jan Carter said:

My Dakota with his first Kiddo Program Knife from Queen Cutlery. 

Thanks for sharing Jan!  I bet Dakota will remember his first Blade experience!

Yes guys, he enjoyed it and I am having a hard time convincing him he has to carry the Case mini Blackthorn to the Case show at SMKW next weekend.  He wants to carry his "Mr. Ken knife"


I have to agree Jan, that was one heck of a show.  I'll be posting some photos this weekend of some really beautiful pieces of cutlery that I had the pleasure to see and handle up close.  Another successful event for knife lovers everywhere!

Great show! Glad to connect this year!

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