Want a really cool iKnifeCollector logo'd shirt?....I promise it won't be tie dye :)

I'm exploring with a company that produces knife company and club clothing about the particulars for an iKC T-Shirt.

I'll get the details and I'll be back. In the meantime, if you would be interested in purchasing a iKnifeCollector logo'd t-shirt, then indicate so in a reply. Some clothing firm's won't require a minimum order, others will, so I just need to get the details (sizes, costs, colors, etc).

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sounds cool, I would buy one
Sounds good, Scott....I would prefer dark colors, (you know I wanted to say black, that biker thing)....put me down as definitly interested.
Sounds Good to me just make sure you offer a pocket so I can carry my glasses and etc. size XX Tall and 2 XX Tall 2 of each thanks Gary
Understand. I'm still waiting on the company to get back with me.....guess I need to email them again.
I'm in for at least one. Thanks!
I'm in as well. We have done some with our company logo and with the knife event logo on them. The olive green with gold screen printing and the maroon with white screen printing look really good and have been selling well. The company logo ones are up on our website along with the caps if any one wants to go look. www.agrussell.com
Thanks Chase. Yeah, the company I tried to reach didn't respond. I'll check yours out. Appreciate it.
I'm in for 2 of the xl-thanks Scott- It's a good way to get the word out we exist , and get people to join
Thanks Jeff.
I'm working on the details, just trying to get a feel for the interest at this point, in case I have to pre-order a gazillion of them. Otherwise, I'll have to clothe my family in them for the rest of their lives LOL.
Appreciate it!
Count me in on XXXl....LOL
I like baggy shirts to hide my gut!!!
XXL would work too if I lay off the Mickey D's.......
Yes Sir Count me in 3XXX

Uncle Wiskers' needs BIG shirts.

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