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Hi John,

I've been a collector of many items over past 50 years,and starting to
think things need to be passed along to other collectors.I have an
unusual BOWIE knife that I think is from the Civil War period that I
purchased back in the early 1970's and was wondering if you might be
able to tell me anything about it...It has 2 names on it,one I believe
it the maker and one the owner...
D.R. Roger & H. Johansen ...
Its a Stag handle with a brass Eagle finial and measures 12" total length.



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From what I am finding, this is a Theatre-made knife by H.Johansen. Seems he made quite a few of these during the war.

Hi Steve...

THANKS for taking the time to check it out and the info....So,not being a knife expert..."Theatre-Made" would mean made during the war?? So...which War.. :-)

Happy 2020...


Here is an excerpt from a Worthpoint sales page...

THEATER KNIFE: A HANDMADE OR ALTERED KNIFE MADE IN OR FOR A CERTAIN THEATER OF WAR. I get many questions every week about WWII theater knives and I am available to answer all questions. There were millions of handmade knives made during WWII and I have been a collector and dealer for many years. I have over 1,000 original theater knives in my collection and have sold several thousand more. EVERY theater knife that I list is absolutely 100% guranteed to be WWII original.**************You are looking at a very rare, WW2 period, theater made fighting knife and original sheath. This is a fine handforged knife made and deeply marked by WWII knifemaker H. Johansen. I have seen a dozen or more of these through the years and they are all really fine heavy duty knives.

And another...

"This is a mysterious old knife which appears to be either a theater knife or a custom-made knife of WW2 era. The blade is 8 & 7/8 inches (almost 9 inches) long. The knife has an overall length of just over 13 & 3/4 inches, and the blade is approximately 1 & 1/16 inches tall, as measured from the back (spine) down to the edge, and 3/16 of an inch thick, as measured at the spine (back). The knife is deeply stamped "H. JOHANSEN" on the left side of the blade, and there's a sort of large dot just to the right of the name. The knife has a metal guard and a leather washer handle, which has a white material in the center (probably bone or stag of some kind) lined by two thin aluminum spacers, one on each side. The pommel is metal, with the blade tang riveted at the back. The accompanying scabbard is well made, and appears to be machine sewn, with two rivets at the top, one on each side. The scabbard is unmarked. This is a very unusual knife, and I have not been able to find any information about it in my books. Obviously, it is not a "one off" knife, since the maker's name is stamped in the blade. It is very well constructed. I don't know what this knife is, but I'm guessing it's from an unknown or relatively unknown WW2 maker."

Hi Steve...

WOW....really cool info..!! and here I thought all these years it was from Civil War....Still sounds like its pretty rare...so now I guess I need to see if I can find a general value....

Thanks for all the help...much appreciated.


So...lots of helpful info...and seems it was a WWII knife from the info on WorthPoint...question now is,anyone know the value,or able to look it up on WorthPoint...hate to spend $20-$30 to join just to get 1 price...LOL...

WorthPoint story says its 'Rare"...and I'm thinking mine with the Bone Handle and Brass Eagle would make it more unique than the one they are showing by same maker...

Anyone know??



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