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Coincidentally, the latest issue of Knives Illustrated arrived in the mail today.  Here's the new issue with today's EDC, the Spyderco Sage with carbon fiber scales. 

This particular knife was purchased directly from Joe Flowers, entomologist, knife designer, YouTuber, "Brother of Bushcraft," Bushcraft Global founder, outdoors & gear writer.  He carried & used the knife, but he didn't say why he was letting it go.

Unfortunately, the current issue of KI features ONLY knives that are too expensive for most of us.  Of the 7 knives featured, one ha an MSRP of $145 (& it's an AG Russell, so it's going to cost $145).  Three others are in the $300 range, another is about $450, and the last is in the $600 range.  There was another article featuring only high-end hunters, I'm not even going to address that one.  Not sure if this has happened in other recent issues, but this is ridiculous.  But I digress...

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My Calendar says it is National knife Day on August 24th ??

This has been a test of the Knife Emergency System.  In the event of a true Knife Emergency, proceed immediately to your preferred knife dealer and purchase cutlery accordingly.  I repeat, this has been a test of the Knife Emergency System.

Sorry everyone for the false alarm, and thank you Jan for pointing that out!  Turns out I put National Knife Day into my phone's calendar last year, set for August 24, but I forgot that I set myself a reminder for a week out.  Why?  So I could remember to make a new edged purchase in time to receive it on National Knife Day.  Which, as Jan so kindly pointed out, is actually NEXT Friday, August 24.


But I have now made a new purchase, & it should be at my home by next Friday.  :)

Anyone else here have any recent knife purchases, for National Knife Day or any other reason?

ROFLMAO!  DLKG that is soooo something I would do

Thank you for the heads up...NOW, everyone go buy a knife to be ready for next Friday!

My National Knife Day purchases arrived days before the big event, but I finally had the chance to photograph them.  The folder, Cold Steel Counter Point 1, is an incredible utility slicer.  The Cold Steel FGX 92 FBA is an addition to my collection of non-metallic knives (Cold Steel added the steel ring into the handle in order to make the FGX line not completely non-metallic).

Wouldn't mind grabbing one of those Counter Points. Nice looking knife.

Steve, the Counter Point feels quite solid.  The polymer they used in the handle feels a bit cheaper than I'd expected (even compared to the last generation of Cold Steel Voyagers), but still a solid purchase & one I do not regret in the least.  You know, if that matters to anyone other than me.  But I like it.  :)

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