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Here's a question for any expert Japanese knife collectors or makers.  I recently purchase two knives very similar to the Kanetsune line of knives.  The seller provide no pertinent information other than to state they were purchased at an Atlanta knife show.   Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I did send an email to Kencrest Corp. a few days ago but have not heard back from them.


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These are pretty similar to yours.

NOTE: The makers mark on the smaller of the two (pictured below) appear to match your posted knives.



I have asked someone who was very into the Seki scene in the 80's/90's. Hopefully I will get an answer back if he isn't too busy.

D ale, I followed up on the photo you provided and see that I might have been duped into  purchasing a set of knives that were cloned in China.  Pegasi brand?????  It makes sense why these potential counterfeits were such a good deal.  These were on ebay advertised as Japanese knives so I might have some protection.  I have asked the seller for a refund and now I have to wait to see what the outcome will be.



I hated to be the bearer of bad news & also didn't wish to do so publicly. That's why I just posted the link with only limited verbiage.

Also .. show the seller the attached links !


Best of luck !

D ale

Can't thank you enough.  Since these were on ebay I should get my money back.  I provided the seller with the information you pointed out to me and if he has any ethics at all, he will refund my money.  If not, Ebay doesn't like counterfeit products.

Thanks again.



I am sorry it turned out this way as they appeared to be very nice knives.  I appreciate that D ale was able to allow you the opportunity to view the info for yourself.

Thanks for your concern, Jan.  It's unbelievable what items are getting cloned these days.  I, too, thought these looked authentic enough to not have to worry about counterfeit issues.   This forum just saved me some grief. I hope ebay raises a flag so other people don't get duped as well.

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