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I ran across this while trolling for fishing knives.  I suppose I could say it is a knife.  After all it does have a blade!  But then it is just a scaling blade!  These came out in the 1950s. (see the jpeg of the Popular Science ad from 1951, at the bottom of this post.)

This one was dang near mint.  Everything works great.  It even had the razor blades!

The tip at the bottom of the tool is used for popping open vacumm sealed lids.  You can also use for paint cans and such.  The long blade has a scaler, cap lifter, flat head screw driver/hook degroger, and a reel wrench.   The item still had the original paper work.

With the compartment open showing the blades wrapped in a rubber like sleeve, medicine vial and band-aids.  The ruler is three feet long.  Also visible is the hook for fish weight scale.

The unique tool along with a hula dancer lure, my R. Murphy Fisherman's Pal and Imperial fish-knife with a beverage can opener.

Below is the advertisement that appeared  in Popular Science.

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You might say a very early  Victoronix?

I enjoyed that Tobias, you find some interesting things.

Thanks Ricky.  I have since learned that this knife was initially released with a small folding multi-tool that had a knife and tweezers and then later released with one side razor blades which are secured on the lid of the closing box.  I guess the hunt is on for the other version!

That is a neat tool!

Also among my fish knife collection are some Imperials.

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