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So I went to my garden this morning to see how everything was doing. Much to my surprise, I found a few water melons doing well. This is our first time trying to grow water melons, so I was very happy to see them doing so well. So, I got out my fixed blade Damascus and got ready to cut into one. 

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I want to grow watermelons!

Ok, I guess it's time to reveal the true size of the water melon. Here it is in my hand, next to one of Tam's  mini knives. Yes, this is the same water melon and knife in the first pic.

I am afraid it won't provide much of a meal at this stage!  LOL

Kind of like eating a dove drumstick!

Hope they get to size before the first frost

Good Luck !

hey good question, how did the watermelons do??

Well, two of them survived the weather. We still haven't picked them yet. Sure is correct though, we will have to watch out for the frost. They haven't gotten as big I hoped, but much bigger than the first pic. I will get a pic or two up tomorrow night.

Here is my Harvest last evening.....Fall is rapidly approaching ..............

Looks good Sue! Here are some updated pics of one of the watermelons. Only two survived. This is the bigger one and the other one isn't much smaller. 

Sue and Jeremy,

It all looks good.  Jeremy when are you going to pick them?

I would have picked at least one of them already, but Dawn bought one at the grocery store.

Jeremy, I have always heard don't pick them while the stem is still green.

Thank you for that advice Charles. The stems are still green and I will wait.

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