Kenneth Daniels CEO and President of Queen Cutlery has announced effective January 10, 2018, that due to issues with cash flow, Queen Cutlery Company has been forced to cease all production and close it's Titusville Pennsylvania facility, and furlough it's employees while it goes through a period of reorganization

This is where to put any questions you may have.  ALSO, please feel free to put messages supporting Ken in this transition.  I will make sure he gets them and I will do everything in my power to get questions answered 

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I have asked that all member questions and messages of support for Ken Daniels be posted here.  I did this because I do not want anyone to feel that things are happening behind closed doors.  Ken was honest with all of us by posting the notice and I beleive we will have the opportunity to get any answers we can.

Sad news, indeed. My best to Ken and the entire Daniels family. Also, I would like to extend my heartfelt sympathy to those folks who worked at the Queen factory whose lives will now be made just a little bit tougher without a paycheck. I hope that all those affected by this announcement will somehow manage to bounce back without too much strain or discomfort. Sometimes we just have to place our faith in the heavenly Father and trust that everything will sort itself out. I am truly sorry to hear of this news.

Very sad news indeed, I really hope they get the situation sorted out and get back to making great knives again.

Too bad, let's hope it's only a temporary situation. This will affect not only Queen branded knives but also other brands like Trestle Pines, a brand which is just beginning to gain European popularity, they were manufactured by Queen. There was always a murmur of quality issues around Queen within the collecting community, especially by GEC fans, but I though that had been sorted out by recent new hires. I would have expected such an announcement from Bear & Son sooner than from Queen, as they are still struggling with well known quality issues, so this comes as a surprise to me. So sad, such a historical company located in such a historical building, maybe the small industrial economy isn't as healthy as some hope it is.

Yes.. this makes me very sad !!!

.........   just some of many reason's why   .........

Very sad news indeed. There is a lot of history here. A lot of brands that Queen was involved in as mentioned above. I pray those workers find good work for now.. They have great value in that hands-on skilled workers like that are a dying breed. I hope this all works out for the good of all involved.

Deeply saddening news, indeed.

Having met the Daniels family, I'm sure that they'll do all that's in their power to get back in business.

I'm sad to hear this, but at the same time I have faith that the Daniels will be able to eventually get things sorted out, and have the machines/employees turning out knives again sometime in 2018.

I was crushed when I saw this, but I also have faith that the Daniels will be able to get Queens up and running again for us and the long time employees. I tend not to buy a knife unless it was made in that factory.
Truly sorry to hear this. All of us in the small world of knife collecting need to go out and buy a Queen knife or twelve! I have only been seriously collecting knives for 10-15 years and have noticed a dramatic change in buying, selling and trading knives in the last 5 years or so. National Knife Collectors no longer exists, museum closed, SMKW TV show not the same and more. Ebay and hundreds of other online stores etc..are always there but to go out on weekend “excursions” searching for those prize knives just doesnt feel the same and I cant really say why but it doesnt. I have met Ken Daniels and have traded with Ryan since GEC first started up and from what I know they will figure something out. Good luck to Queen Cutlery, I will keep watching in the future to see what I can do to help in any way as a knife collector. We MUST keep USA made knives in production!!
Very sad news indeed. Hoping for a quick, speedy, and successful reorganization. Let pray that Queen rises from the ashes like a Phoenix.

I have always been very proud of the friendships and people I have met through iKC.  Now more than ever I am proud to call each of you a friend.  With collectors like all of us pulling for them, looking for ways we could help keep this grand old company and the folks from that factory employed...they will do well.


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