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In reading about the lack of members entering contests or maybe just not logging in. I'm some what guilty of not logging in when I'm on the ikc website. There are times I'm here for a few minutes and then move on.

  Then there are times I'm here for quite a while reading posts on the forums and looking at many of different knives that are posted by members. But even then I've not logged in. Most of the time I do not even think about it.

  I've learned quite a bit about the different types of knives and the very many blade configurations. I never knew there could be so many. There are many members here who have taken a great deal of time and done considerable research which I'm very grateful for.

 Up until I came across ikc I never thought about knives as anything more than a tool for cutting up boxes or cleaning fish and for use on the occasional hunting trip.

 Knife collecting is some what of a nich hobby...... not many folks are into it. However those that are have a passion for it and I count myself among those few.

  My knife collection has grown from the few I that I posted when I first joined up to very close to a hundred and that's not including most of those I already have. The two Buck 110's and the Uncle Henry, the project Buck 317, a Case Stockman which was given as a gift in Christmas of 1978 and two or three other Buck knive that were in the Misc box's purchased from yard/Estate sales.

 And as to the 317 project I have the pattern made and the material (Black Walnut) is ready. I'm having another person do the cutting on the scale material as I lack the tools for that and my hands are no longer steady enough for that. I also discovered that I still lack a couple of tools for doing the finish work. Those tools have been purchased and are on their way.

                                                    Nuff rambling for today...........  Wally G.


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Thanks for sharing Wally!  Hope you continue filling us in on your project!


It is good to know you are with us even if your not logged in.  I often wonder if others are doing the same, it has been suggested to me that we make it where you have to enter the site to see it.  I have refused to do this. The knowledge gathered here has been freely shared and I see no sense in not continuing in that spirit.  The only thing you have to be signed in to see here is Gus's chats.  He has his own site where he shares them.

I am so happy to know that you have embraced the knife collecting side of your nature Wally.  As you work forward on the project, place it in the group http://iknifecollector.com/group/kniferepairrestorationupgradegroup

These folks love to learn and share!

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