Hey all,

Trying to shift some knives from the bottom of the knife box, these just didn't make the EDC cut and aren't doing anything around here so it's time to go:

I don't have any good ones of these knives but I took a couple of quick ones today for reference and they are below, and here is a link to all the pictures I took of them. I can take better ones if needed. Let me know if you have any questions etc, all in working order, good or better condition

All offers welcome.


-Shipping IN USA, priority USPS = $5.80

-Shipping IN USA, first class USPS = free

-Shipping: outside US, we can talk

-paypal only. prices include fees

-email: pahoward@hotmail.co.uk (I live in KY though)

-First "I'll take it" followed by prompt payment, gets it,

-You must be legally allowed to own and have the knife shipped to you to buy


1. Kershaw OD-2, like new $15 $10

2. Kershaw Skyline, Kinda rare version with brown handle, black blade, never used $45  $30SPF

3. Schrade+, CH3, linerlock, SS, partial serrated, two detachable inserts in but with original lanyard $20  $10

4. Shrade 272 "peanut" or "small dogleg jack", carbon and bone $25  $20

5. Roberson "Peanut", carbon and bone $25  $20

6. Buck trapper, "gone fishing", SS $25  $15

For free with any other knife

No name toothpick single blade

No name, Melon knife, japan

Thanks for looking!


(Haven't been able to identify the camo knife in the second pictures so it's not listed yet)

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Hi Pete,
Is the Kershaw Skyline still available? If so, anychance we could work something out with postage to Western Australia 6030?
And possibly the Schrade as well.

yep, someone else just messaged me about the skyline, but so far both are still here, shipping internationally costs $25 (I sent one last week), if that sounds?,

Skyline is now SPF

still have the skyline and OD2?

No. Sorry. These are all gone.

Do you still have the little Schrade+ CH3 from so long ago?  I have what I think is the lanyard and clip, and have been looking for it all over recently. It must be rare, as they want too much money on  Amazon or eBay when I did find one. I have the CH+7 & CH8. I carry the CH7 as a work knife all the time.  Thought the CH3 would be a nice EDC.

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