If you know the knife law where you live, please post it here for our members to understand what our growing knife community faces in towns, cities, states and country.

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Thank you for being dedicated to this hobby and the use of knives.  It is the younger generation like yourself that will sustain us and our hobby.  My youngest granson is just three and I dont want him to have to live with these types of restrictive laws.  I still have family in GA and I will be asking them to write to thier representatives also.  Lets make some noise and thanks for caring!

Laws in the Netherlands (a generalisation:)


Folding knives under 28cm (opened) are allowed


they're double edged, narrower than 2cm and longer than 7 cm (the blades)

OR they're longer than 9cm when wider than 2cm.


Fixed blades are OK


they're swords (there's no clear definition as to when a knife transitions into a sword)


No knife can be carried with intent to be used as weapon. And as such any knife that only has purpose as weapons cannot be carried.


No weapon that is disguised as something else can ever be carried (as such no swordcanes and other "stealth weapons".


No object that looks like a real weapon can be carried. (no realistic toy guns/knives etc)



No laws per sé yet. But heavily frowned on and will most likely be confiscated:

  • balisongs
  • automatic knives (both side opening and out the front blades)


All of that stated though, most police officers don't know the law very well and will make a hassle where none needs be and try to confiscate any kind of knife.


Also the centre of Amsterdam is a NO KNIFE ZONE. You can carry a knife but it needs to be at least three steps away from access. And since this is a rather vague requirement the advice is to NOT carry a knife in Amsterdam unless you don't mind handing it over when held up by police.


Other common sense things like don't carry clubbing or to concerts and such also apply.


In Sweden it is illegal to carry knifes, thrusting and cutting weapons or other dangarous objects, which are intended to be used as a weapon in crime against somebody's life or for causing bodily harm, at public places, school areas or in cars in public places.

This do not apply if the item is used as regulated equipment for certain services (for example military) or if the needs of the carrier justifies the possession or if other cercumstances makes the possession justified.

Persons under the age of 21 are not allowed to own or use a switchblade.


Brass knuckles, throwing stars, or other similar items especially intended to be used in crime against somebody's life or for causing bodily harm can not be given to people under the age of 21 and are not allowed for sale. The same rules applies for switchblades.


A person who violates the law can be fined or sentenced to prison for up to 6 months. For lesser violation there is no legal consequences. If the crime is serious, however, one can be sentenced to prison for up to a year.


The types of items described in the law can't be brought into the country without a permit. You don't need a permit for "normal knives", swords and sabres.



I hope you've understood the text. I might write OK English normally, but  can't say I really master the language of the law. Anyway, the good thing about the Swedish knife law is that it is OK to carry a knife which is intended to be used as a tool and not as a weapon (and how many of us carry a knife with the intention to rob the corner shop?). The only knives that are prohibited are switchblades and balisongs, the reason for this is that the law seems to take for granted that these are weapons and not tools.

I am not an expert on California knife laws.  Very confusing.  Some peeps say you can't even dream aout a switchblade.  And that is true.  In some California cities.  As far as switches, it's against the law to sell, transport etc IF the blade iss longer than 3 inches (I'm told the old 2 inch rule is now 3??).

This article is a little old (2002 I think) but chock full of info and some pics of sweet knives, including my favorite the Camillus Maxx.  HUGE knife.  And just touch where the closed blade overlaps the handle, give it a flick of the wrist like you're in a movie and you are suddenly armed to the teeth!!  And they are legal.  And you can carry them.

The article:  http://www.ninehundred.net/~equalccw/knifelaw.html#K8

The Camillus Maxx:  http://www.bladehq.com/item--Camillus-Maxx-Stiletto--136

Get a Maxx and try out for the new West Side Story.

Anyway, I figure collecting is legal.  I don't carry them around.  I don't threaten people and crap.  I collect.  Like I used to collect guns.  I never shot anyone.  Went to the firing range and blew off wads of money.  Jut had fun.  And if it's legal to own, carry and even conceal a monster Maxx......my switches are legal.

That's my story our honor.

Like the author of the article says..check our local laws and stay away from cops having a bad day even if it is legal.

Just to be clear: It is legal to own a balisong or a switchblade in Sweden (if you're 21 or older), you just aren't allowed to carry them around.

Breaking news and an update to Missouri Law and Switchblades!

On July 9th Missouri Governor Jay Nixon, signed SB 489 repealing a ban on possession,sale and manufacture of switchblade knives in Missouri as long as it not "in violation of federal law. " In practical terms, that means that you cannot possess, sell, or manufacture automatic knives in "interstate commerce" (across state lines) or on Indian reservations or elsewhere that federal regulations may prevent such activities - but they are otherwise legal in the state of Missouri.

Congratulations to the Knife Rights organization, which worked closely with the National Rifle Association to include this legislation with a Concealed Carry Weapons (CCW) reform bill.

Its rare that we get a right back so it is news worthy!

I don't have any switchblades anymore, but that's great!!  Less government and stupid laws is always good. Now, on to all other states!

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