This WIP was inspired by a post on a local forum here in Australia a couple of days ago about a pocket slip a chap bought on EBay for 10 Pounds out of the UK – just under $20 Australian – that’s each!!!!

The inner Jewish/Scotsman in me I thought I’d do a simple step by step WIP on how they can be made with everyday tools on the kitchen table, at next to no cost. Most people looking at leather work for the first time are put off, by the specialist tools … so I have deliberately used just common tools found in every home.

Photo file sizes have been reduced to save your download

Tools used … a knife (the one I am making the slip for)…  Chopping board… Hammer and nail… pencil & ruler… … some cardboard … Two needles & some thread. (I have used a white pencil so it shows better in the photos.)

Optional … contact cement … 120-sandpaper… scissors… T-Spoon

For our design I am using the One out of the UK– which is really a copy of the Knivesshipfree  style of slip.

Leather: pretty much any leather you can scrounge will do…  8 to 9 cm wide and a tad over twice the length of the knife; in this case the knife is 10cm so the piece of leather is around 22 cm.

Think outside the square … if you haven’t got any leather go to an OP Shop and buy a pair of women’s high topped boots for $10 … which would easy give you enough leather for 4 knife slips.

Don’t worry about this...” it isn’t Veggie tanned BS” for a start. The main thing is you are having a go.

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Excellent job!  I have been wanting to try this for a while.  thank you for the great write up with the photos!


Based on content & context of comments .. I'm guessing you two (Derek & JJ) are referring to the 2 , 4 , & 8 tine "forks" I see to the right of the wood cutting board work surface .. with the top of the 4-tine centered on the adjacent side of the right triangle .. the top of the 8-tine in contact with the opposite side.


??? .. This is correct .. ???


They would most certainly positively enhance the straightness of the stitching.


No matter how straight I marked out my guide line .. my resultant stitching was NOT straight & obviously amateurish. 

Historically .. that hasn't been supportive of active pursuit. In contrast .. this is !!


I'll find them on either AliExpress or DHGate.



D ale

Correct ol buddy.

No measuring, just tap and go and you've got properly spaced holes.

Thank you Derek, for the time , great explanation and pictures. 

Rubber gloves come in really handy when you need to set form a knife slip.

Made a simple knife slip for my large stockman.  Added a D-ring to attach a pull.

All in... probably $3.00.

!!! .. Well done, JJ .. !!!


Very nice clean professional looking result.

J.J. Smith III said:

Made a simple knife slip for my large stockman.  Added a D-ring to attach a pull.

All in... probably $3.00.

JJ, wonderful and as D ale stated very clean work.  Thanks for the tip on the rubber glove !


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