I'm excited to announce an improvement to the Latest Activity Feed feature — you will now see a "More" button at the bottom of the feature to access older items from the feed.

Clicking that button will load another set of items, giving iKnife Collector members access to more excellent content.

Give a try!

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Good going, Steve.


Thanks, Steve !!!

Also you may display More comments on your My Page!

For all our New Members, wondering what happened while you were off line? Go to iKC's Main Page and look for the column marked latest activity, go all the way to the bottom and click MORE. All posts throughout the day and night appear and you can comment on any of that! Just click on what you want to comment on and you will go right there!

Thanks again, Steve. It has helped bring up older topics, thought to be lost.

Works good Steve.

Great thank you for the input! I brought it up again because we have so many new members and may be wondering where all the material goes. There are a lot of posts all day long and if you come out at night, you may not realize a lot when on while you were at work. By clicking that more (sometimes 2 and 3 times) you will see everything that transpired during the day and you may want to respond to something!

Just a reminder to new members...Come on to iKnife Collector and want to know what has posted ? Go to the bottom of the Main Page and press MORE. It will expand and show you more posts. Finds ones you like and comment or like the pic or post !

I use the Latest Activity a lot.

It is very useful and glad you like it and use it Charles.

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