Deer jumping fence

Fauntleroy F. Fox  (Anyone else remember The Fox and the Crow comic books?)


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Great pics Charles, that Coyote looks like a big one.

He is a big one.  He is one of the black ones.  They are bigger than the normal colored ones.  I have a feeling there is a black lab mixed in there somewhere.

Have you ever shot one? A black one I mean.

Here is the normal colored one I killed.  The black ones are noticeably larger than this one.


At first glance, I thought that black one was a wolf, because of it's size. The brown ones are big enough.

Last deer season I had gotten in my shooting house (that green outhouse sized structure on stilts visible in the first picture) an hour before daylight.  While still full dark, a coyote howled.  He must have been only a few yards from the shooting house.  It sounded like he was in the shooting house with me!  It was very loud!  I nearly jumped out of my skin.  To tell the truth I was glad I was in the shooting house.  I didn't relish the thought of being that close to one in the dark and not able to see him.

No, I haven't.  I hope to though.  If I see one while deer hunting, I will shoot it, black or otherwise.  I also intend to do more calling.

Ken Spielvogel said:

Have you ever shot one? A black one I mean.

That must have been quite an experience. We have them, but rarely see them. When I had the bigger farm I used to see them, but I have not seen one on my smaller farm. The are getting plentiful in many places.

I forgot to tell ya'll, I shot a coyote while squirrel hunting. He was eating a snake and didn't notice me get close enough for a shot. He was a grey one.

The serpent has been the downfall of many a good man. And that Coyote to.

The coyote hadn't finished it when I shot him. There was about 8" left and the head, so I was able to tell the type of snake it was. It is what we call a Blue Runner, its a very fast snake that is non poisonous. I guess a hungry coyote, was able to catch it and make a meal of the somewhat harmless snake.

Hey guys, this is a few pictures from one of my deer stands. Hogs, deer and wildlife.


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