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Member needs and prayer requests

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We pray for God's peace for all of Leopold's family.

Our prayers also go out to the King family.

Praying for Leo's family. May he rest in peace.

Praying for the Lacrimosa family.

Let's get some healing prayers out and up!  I just saw Dan Fitzgerald has asked for some help

"OK guys we need some prayers my wife fell down the stairs hurt her head and her shoulder real bad and thank God for medical alert they came and got her and she's on her way to the hospital I'm 1000 miles away in Texas right now and feel helpless."

Please Lord watch out over Dan as he travels home in this bad weather.  May he reach his wife and find her in your healing hands, on the way to a full recovery! 

On my knees Dan, be careful making your way home, will pray for your safety as well as hers.

Prayers going out for Dan and his wife.

Praying for Dan and his wife!

I do not think I could say this better myself so I will simply place here what the family has released

Rest In Peace to the man who starting it all. Jim Sargent will always be remembered for his kindness, humility, intelligence, drive, and most of all his love for family. He is the backbone of our business amd family and we are so grateful for all the memories he gave us. We take comfort in knowing that he will now be reunited with Mrs. Sargent in a better place. To the cutlery family, our family friends, and everyone who is reaching out, we love you all and appreciate everything. Thank you for your kind words & support.

Good Bye my friend, hug Mrs Sargent for me.  May God watch over the family in this time of sorrow

While we are bowing our heads I would ask for another prayer.  Our own Gus Marsh is having some medical tests this week.  Not my story to tell, would just like a few extra prayers out there.  Thank you

Great guy, Mr. Jim. Prayers for the family.

Please join me in Prayer as we ask the Lord to open his arms for Jeremy's grandmother.  May she rest in eternal peace and may the family know the warmth of our Lord protective hands during this time of sadness

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