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I am sorry to hear of this bad news Jan. I pray that you are able to spend some quality time with your friend. I can't imagine the weight it puts on you, Donnie and the couple themselves. I understand that you will not be able to stay as focused on what is going on here. Please take care of yourself and know that I am praying for you all during this difficult time. 

The call I have been dreading came about 230 this morning.  I will be on for our chat tonight but off line the better part of the day.  Thank you all for the prayers, she is at peace now and I know we will all find peace in her passing soon

Here for you if you need anything at all, Jan. Our condolences to the family, Donnie and yourself.

Sorry to hear of your friend's passing Jan. I am praying for you all during this difficult time. 

For me, the past couple of years have been filled with way too many of those "dreaded calls" that I prayed would never come and yet realistically expected. It doesn't get any easier, though. Especially for a septuagenarian, like myself, from whom many of you have heard me musing about the line getting shorter and moving faster with the passing of each dear friend. 

My heart goes out to you, Jan. I'm sorry to hear of your loss.

Again, I thank you all for your thoughts and Prayers.  My connection here tends to keep me sane when the world gets out of kilter

I wanted to be sure we got a prayer chain started for Ms Chris at Great Eastern.  I knew she was on an extended leave at GEC but I wanted to speak with her and know she was ok before I came here.  The basic answer to that is yes, she is having some bypass surgery next month and the recovery is very long (like 12 weeks or so).  So yes, it is a procedure done very often these days but we don't want our buddy going through this without our thoughts and prayers.  Join me in wishing her the best and also GEC because they have not gone this long without her in the office since year one !

Praying for a speedy recovery!

Praying for a quick and complete recovery


Join me in sending prayers, good feelings and thoughts to John Kellog's wife Cindy as she has surgery today on a very broken wrist.I pray it all goes well and healing is quick and fully restores use without pain

Praying for a complete and speedy recovery for Cindy.  Also praying for the Lord to uplift and comfort both John and Cindy.

Our prayers are with the family and friends of Knife Maker Ken Warner.  This has just been announced by Mark Z at Knife Magazine.

The knife community has just learned of the recent loss of industry legend Ken Warner, who passed away in May at the age of 90. Ken was a member of both Blade’s Cutlery Hall of Fame and the ABS Hall of Fame. Among his many contributions to the industry were writing what is generally acknowledged as the first article on custom knives (“The Best Knives Made”, in the 1966 edition of Gun Digest) and in creating the Knives annual series, which started with Knives ’81 and continues to this day. He also designed several knives of note (some with his friend Harry Archer) and was involved with Blackjack Knives and those produced under the “Ken Warner Knives” brand.
Ken was a personal friend, as he was to many in the industry, and the conversations we shared were filled with insights, advice, and laughter. I am really going to miss him.
-Mark Zalesky
The link to more from Knife Magazine is here

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