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Thank you Charles for your kind and generous thoughts.

Charles Sample said:

John, I am so sorry about your loss.  i pray that the Lord will lift you up and comfort you as only he can at a time like this.

This is not my story to tell but I would be very remiss if I did not ask that we lift up in prayer our member and friend Laura Scheuerman.  Just know that any good thoughts and prayers are not wasted on this lovely lady.

Robert F "Bob" Wurzelbacher lived a full and happy life with his Wife of 60 years, Arlene Wurzelbacher. Bob passed away peacefully surrounded by family on Wednesday, June 17th at age 80.  After retirement, Bob continued working with the Fort City Knife Club and maintained the role of President.  He was an avid collector of Case Knives and also co-authored a book on Case Knives.

Go with God Bob, I am sure you have a great knife story to tell and make him smile

Somehow I do not come here with good news often enough.  Please join me in Prayer for Abby and the family of D ale.  We heard of his passing today. .As with many of the members at iKC, I learned from and appreciated the time with

D ale. We also were opposites on many subjects but always agreed that there is room in this world for all if we just use common sense and patience. Dale, you were my friend, a mentor, a sounding board and a supporter of all things iKC and my vision for it. I will think of you often and miss you more often

Condolences to friends and family. The knife community lost a great guy.

Damn! The line just keeps getting shorter. Yesterday I learned of the passing of a dear friend here in the small town that I live in. He was a real legend and an icon in our community. And today I learn of D ale's passing. It feels like a gut punch on so many levels. D ale always seemed to have a project going on or a helpful way for someone who was struggling with a project to accomplish their task. He always seemed like a stand-up guy to me. Condolences and well wishes to his friends and family.

Sad to hear the news. He helped me quite a bit when I first became a member here in 2010. Prayers for his family.

Oh, no.  This is very sad news, but I'm glad you let us know, Jan.  I looked forward to D ale's posts, and I'll miss him.

Definitely prayers & condolences to his family & friends, and to everyone here who knew him.  D ale will definitely be missed...

Hey guys ! Asking for prayers for

Randall Vaughn ! He is having open heart surgery today ! Appreciate it !

We are saddened to hear of the passing of Mike Fuller, Founder of TOPS Knives. 

I have been getting a few calls and decided I must announce this but know it is with the deepest of sorrow. Tony Bose has passed away, I have no details at this time and will leave it to the family to announce more. Rest in Peace my friend. My heart breaks at your loss but rejoices at your reunion with those gone before you

Rest in peace.

Prayers for the family.

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