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I have just gotten news that the Corp of Engineers will be allowing more flood gates open to the Atchafalaya Basin in LA.  Please pray for the neighbors, friends and communities effected by this.  During this time of waiting and stress may they be comforted knowing that people everywhere do care.

There is a lot of people affected by storms this year. Joplin yesterday and central OK today. Please pray for all those affected. A lady who works for us lived in Piedmont,OK and I checked with her and luckily the tornado stayed about a mile from her house. At 9:45 pm they were looking for a 3 year old child that was missing . There is a lot of storm damage this year. The storms built up over where I live and the tornados started about 20 miles east of the offices of the company I work for. Of course, if you live in OK you know this can happen anytime, but it is still devastating to those who lose everything.


Our prayers are with everyone involved and the families.  May God be gracious to all

OMG.  Dale, Thanks for the visual.  It is amazing what mother nature can do.  My heart and prayers go out to everyone involved

.. any prayer for these folks would not be wasted ..



Jan Carter said:

OMG.  Dale, Thanks for the visual.  It is amazing what mother nature can do.  My heart and prayers go out to everyone involved
It really is just unbelievable these poor people Piedmont, OK and Sedalia, Mo and Joplin, Mo all really need our prayers. Very similar to the one that hit Alabama earlier.

This was posted in Bladesmith Babes today and I wanted to be sure we generate all the prayers we can for Bruce and his family.   Bruce our family will say prayers for your family, may God give you all strength and comfort


For all of you that know Bruce Piehl here at iKC. His father is in very bad shape , and in the biggest fight of his life with some serious health issue's. I ask that all you guys here at iKC will pray for him and his family in this time of need, and ask god to bless him and give him strength to deal with the days to follow. Thanks to everyone and have a blessed day!

Please pray for iKC member Bill Fletcher who is having surgery this morning.
I started to type the same thing , Steve, till I seen your post. I am praying for him.

Hog and Billy,

Thank you for letting us know.  Our prayers are with him

I sure hope and pray all goes well for him, he's a friend here, on FB at Sharpfans and on NGKnifeworks. for all I know I got him as a friend at a half dozen other places too.  Thank you Jan and Billy.

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