I know this has been tried a few times but it always seems to go nowhere. So one more try.  Show us your military knives!  Let's see some bayonets, combat machetes, Combat hawks, fighting knives, commando daggers, paratrooper switch blades.  If it was made under contract for the Military or was just a knife made for use in combat let's see it.   It doesn't matter how big or small if it folds or if it is fixed. If it was used by the military let's see a picture and  read a little info on the knife!

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Following is a picture of my father-in-laws World War 2 Navy issue knife. His boat was sunk in the war & he and 144 more of his shipmates were ultimately picked up out of the water by another USA ship.


I added to my pictures a my Father-in-laws World war 2 Navy Knife issue. I tried to add it to this reply but was not successful. We celebrated his 91 birthday yesterday.

Hi Jim,  I'm taking the liberty of putting your father knife pic inline if that is okay.

It is a terrific knife.  The rot proof sheath is also exceptional. 

Most people are more familiar with the leather sheaths.  While the knife is known is often called the Marine Corps Kabar. it was also issued to Navy personnel and limited numbers were also used by other branches.  By the time of the Korean War it was widely used by the Marines, Army, Navy, Air Force and Coast Guard.  But you need to give credit where it is due, and that is with the knife being first adopted for use by the Marines.  It's really nice to see one with the less common USN tang stamp.

  Thanks for sharing,

A couple of terrific knives their Ken.

Here is a Spanish Mauser Bayonet.  I suspect it may date from the Spanish Civil War.  I've owned it since about 1978.

WWII Cattaraugus 225-Q

USAF Survival Knife (Ontario)

Gerber Mark II (1979) & Gerber Guardian

Nato OTF

Ek Desert Storm (DP-6) & Ontario RAT-7 (D-2 steel)

A.G. Russell Sandbox Bowie (DM-1 steel)

Great Ka-Bar, Jim.

Ken, I have wanted one of those Stainless USMC folders for quite some time, but every time I get close to buying one, I remember the several Swiss Army Knives that I have that are similar (but with more tools), so I just can't seem to make the purchase.

Very cool, Howard!  Remind me not to play in the sandbox with you!  That's one heck of a Bowie.  So many fine knives, so much to digest!

Howard as to your comment about Ken's USMC folder (a Mil-K) knife:  you're confusing need with want!  Sure you don't NEED one but apparently you do WANT one!  Go for it.  You'll be glad you did, espcially if you can find a good quality Camillus actually stamped USMC.  They are getting scarce (but not as scarce as USAF Mil-K knife)!

Howard, I agree with Tobias. Its a really nice knife, I like mine alot. Go for it.

No worries, Tobias.  I ain't never going back to the "sandbox".  Turned 59 during that year, and retired in 2005.  I worked for the NSA during the first 4 years of military service back in the early '60s, and when I decided to get in a Reserve unit with Air Mobility Command some years later, I didn't realize that AMC Reserve units get activated for every war.  Still, it gave me a chance to get more knives, and a Marine Pixel boonie hat while TDY at a Marine base in the sand.

Tobias Gibson said:

Very cool, Howard!  Remind me not to play in the sandbox with you!  That's one heck of a Bowie.  So many fine knives, so much to digest!

The Boker 155 "SAC" knife.  (The Air force Survival Knife found in the E1 Emergency kit.

A view of the stuff found in the E-1 Emergency kit

The Boker 155 is to the right of the rations and above the hand saw.  it is next to its sheath.  Below is a picture of the M-4 22 caliber survival rifle the Airman is holding.

Another view of my knife.  This time with my Father's name plate that he received after serving in the Korean War. As mentioned many times My dad was with a BAR gunner with the 3rd Infantry Division in WWII.  Due to wounds he no longer fit for the combat arms so when he re-joined the army in 1947 he became a cook.  When he went off to cooks and Bakers school he came back to his unit and was told he was now in the United States Air Force!  He remained with the USAF until 1969.


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