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Some today are telling others, not to say, "Support Our Troops"

Lets show our Support here by remembering those who are/or who have served.

Have you served in the military? What Branch of service, When, and Where served.

Do you have relatives that have served? In what Branch?

or Do you "Support Our Troops".

Even if you have not served, you can "Support Our Troops" in so many ways.

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My father was a vet in WWII he was state side, his 2 brothers one was in germany and another in italy....hubbys dad served also he was in germany. 2 of my cousins were marines..my great grandfather on dads side was also in the military  not sure which war though.

I am a member of American Legion Auxiliary Unit 471 as a Charter member now 12 yrs

Hubby is a member of Squadron 471 Sons of American Legion 23 yrs now.

Serving in these groups help us to thank our VETS ! for all they do to keep us a free nation.


Happy Veteran's Day

Welcome home!

Thank you Sue.  What you do is important too.

Thank you for your service.  I never served, but my Dad served during the Korean War.  Thanks for everything.


Yes, indeed! Thank you Sue and your hubby, also!

In my opinion one of the greatest assets our troops had in WWII, Korea and Vietnam was Bob Hope. He was never officially in the service but his sacrifice was enormous in all of those conflicts. He lifted moral and made you laugh even though there was little else to laugh about. Oh, yeah! And he always brought pretty girls with him, too! Thanks, Bob! Thanks for the memories!

And especially thank you Sue and your husband! What you guys do is invaluable to those of us who were/are in uniform! So, thanks!

Now I'm going out for a FREE burger at Applebees!

Charles Sample said:

Thank you Sue.  What you do is important too.

I spent 4 years as an Australian Army Cadet followed by 3 years as a Tropper with Royal Australian Corp of Transport then another 4 years as a Training Officer (2LT) back with the Cadet Corp. Until suffering a back injury I was doing Transit Security (Australian version of US Transit Police)


My father served nearly 29 years Infantry, Transport and Australian Special Forces. Several relatives through the British Home Guard, Navy, RAAF and RAF.


Although I never saw conflict, I trained for it and know the affects it has on family. Heart goes out to those who have served in confict or who had been indirectly affected by it's outcomes. Hats off to my wife who has stood by as an innocent party through all the issues I went through when she did not have to stand by me, a lot stronger person than I am.

Jason, I met some Australian military guys when I was on R & R in Thailand, great guys. Thanks for your service to Australia and the World. Australia is a great country and a great friend to the U.S.


You are so right, a family does indirectly serve also.  I was able to see the world through my father's service.  Thank you for serving,  I agree with Ken, our countries are great Allies!

A very close friend of mine served in Timor and had a large effect on him and he discharged. Sad part was he couldn't adapt and rejoined a few years back.

My family has a history of service.
... from my Great great grandfather in the civil war to my father, brother & myself  on the btm .. there was at least one Davenport I know in every skirmish. 
I know all the ones listed.


That's a great history D ale, and one to be proud of. Thanks to your family for their service to this country.

That is very impressive D ale, an honored family tradition is always something to be proud of

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