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If you find yourself buying & carrying Leatherman, SOG, Gerber, Swiss Army, Swiss-Tech, Atwood, or other types of multi-tools than this is the club for you!

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Comment by James Brockway on February 7, 2013

Hello to all, new to the group, I have been acquiring knifes ever since I can remember . My latest is the Charge TTi with the the extra bits 

Comment by björn thompson on February 7, 2013

i ALWAYS have a leatherman at hand:-) either a juice s2 summertime in my bag or a wave on my belt in the winter.....never leave home without them

Comment by Jack Haskins, Jr. on July 16, 2013

I have two multi-tools and love both.  They are completely  different both serving it's own purpose.  My favorite is a SOG PowerLock.  One claim of greatness from SOG is the  additional force you get in the needle nose pliers and cutters due to the gear type pivot.  This is good but not a deal maker for me.  What is a deal maker for me is the abilitye of the tool for the components to be swapped.  You can remove unused tools and add ones you need.  They are sold seperately by SOG.  I've never seen a multi-tool with the exact items I want.  Now my SOG PowerLock has what I need or like.  It does have a 1/4" adapter for sockets that is great.  My other favorite is a Spyderco SpydeRench which is now discontinued.  It comes apart giving you an adjustable (cresent) wrench and a screwdriver.  We often need these two tools at the same time.  This one multi-tool gives you both in one tool.  It also accepts standard 1/4" bits of your choice.  And it has the strongest knife blade of any mulit-tool I've used.  When I walk out of the house with both multi-tools I have about every tool you find in a standard small toolbox.  They both come with a belt sheath and the Spyderco also has a pocket clip.  I carry the SOG about half the time.  I never carry the Spyderco but keep it handy all the time.


Comment by Steve Hanner on November 1, 2013 

Just reading that Jack that's an interesting recommendation. In fact I did not know SOG made a Multi Tool at all! I am going to look!

Comment by Steve Hanner on November 1, 2013

Well found this at a vendor...There are quite a few listed:http://ads.midwayusa.com/find?userSearchQuery=sog+multi+tool&cm...

Comment by Jack Haskins, Jr. on November 1, 2013

Are you thinking about one of the SOG MTs?  I have the PowerLock and the V-cutter.  That's a nice tool.  I removed a hospital wrist band from wife's wrist once and the V-cutter was perfect.  No chance of cutting her.  I removed the knife blade from mine because my grandson likes to play with the PL. :)  Being able to replace a damaged item or swap it for something else is a great feature.  It's not 100% versatile though.  The tools in the middle of a handle need to be short ones.  Like a phillips compared to the long file.  This is due to whan the MT is closed the needle nose pliers are inside the handle.  A file or knife blade needs to be on the outsides of a handle.  The tools in the middle being short allow room for the plier head inside the closed handle.  I have the black on and love it but the silver one is cheaper.  I would have gotten it but they place I got it was out of stock of the silver ones.  The 1/4" socket adapter is great and with an adapter you can use any 1/4" screwdriver bit.  I have 100% confidence in SOG's multi-tools.  They have some pretty nice knives but I've had terrible luck with them.  I've had 5 or 6 SOG knives.  Won't have another.  I also had the PowerAssist MT.  The knife blades being able to be opened without opening the knife is a nice feature.  However the knife blades aren't very sturdy IMO.  They are spring assisted also.  I don't care for that feature personally.  And I think the handle with the knife blades can't hold any other tool like a screwdriver.  So you are limited to whatever will fit in one handle.  And again two (or three) of them need to be of the short items.  I've had Leatherman tools also and loved them.  The only area that SOG soars above the competition is the replacable item feature.  I think you can even replace the plier head if it gets damaged.  One feature I wish my PL had is replacable blades at the wire cutter blades.  I. don't know if any SOGs have that feature.  I  t hink Gerber has that feature.  My cutters  are fine but I don't use them often.

Comment by Teresa Walsh on November 2, 2013 

I love multitools. I have 2 SOG Multitools and many Leatherman ones. I also have an old Schrade multitool. I have 2 Leatherman Waves, 2 Supertools, 2 Surges with S30V steel in the knife blades and many accessories. I have at least 2 Leatherman Cores and a third Surge, 1 Flair and some others I would need to look at to name the types. Also a Gerber multitool. Leatherman multitools are my favorite. I also have the small Leather locking wrench tool. I have had screwdriver blades twist or bend on the SOG multitools. Not on Leatherman or the Schrade multitool either. I have a couple of Victorinox multitools too. Love love those multitools. When I was in the hospital for emergency surgery for a strangulated hernia in 2/13 hospital security wanted to take the Leatherman tools from my purse and store them. I would not let go of my tools and we got into a tug of war. I was on a morphine 24/7 drip in ICU and would NOT let go of my multitools. They gave up and asked me if my fiance Laurence could take them home with him. I agreed and he took them home. No way were they getting my Leatherman tools!!! No way in hell!! They couldn't break my grip on those babies!!!

Comment by Jack Haskins, Jr. on November 2, 2013

Teresa, have you seeked professional help for this obsession of yours?  :)  Just kidding.  You've seen a lot more types than I have even looked at probably.  Have you seen the Spyderco MTs?  There was a SpydeRench and ByrdRench.  Here's the link if you haven't.  (http://www.spyderco.com/catalog/details.php?product=286)  I don't think I'd like this one as my main MT because I use the needle nose pliers most I think.  But if you do stuff that carrying a multitool helps not needing your tool box or belt having my primary one and one of the Spydercos increases my tool selection capabilities dramatically.  I don't carry the Spyderco but if I'm going to to a pretty simple job requiring a small toolbox these two MTs cover 95% of what I normall need.  The main reason I mention it is you seem to like different ones.  I don't know if you use them or collect them or both.  If you collect them one or both of the Spyderco MTs would be a requirement for a collection I believe. They are quite a bit different than any other tool I've seen.  If you want check out the link and look at the pictures which there are several.  The bad thing is that both are discontinued so the only way to get one is by a stroke of luck or searching anywhere you can think of.  Like a lot of tools it's one that is much harder to let go of than it is to buy.  I bought mine and was ok with the price but if it was much more I doubt if I would have gotten it.  Now that I have it I won't sell it for twice what I paid for it.  Wouldn't that indicate that if I lost mine I would be willing to pay twice what I did pay?  :)

Comment by Steve Hanner on November 2, 2013

Great story Teresa! I agree thats some passion for Multi Tools!  I am hoping to get more information from Leatherman, about products , releases etc.  So I will have more to share. One thing I will say, I would pay more for a good quality knife in it if they have one.

Comment by Steve Hanner on November 2, 2013

Jack, thats interesting on the Spyderco...never even thought of them for that.

Comment by Steve Hanner on November 4, 2013 

They call that knife the Crater(Not completely sure why) and here is what they say: With the Leatherman Crater® c33Tx you never have to say, "I only have my knife on me." Built in screwdrivers are perfect for the quick tightening or prying job, and the razor sharp 420HC combo straight/serrated blade and pocket clip complete the tight little package we call the Crater c33Tx folding knife.

(Check that steel, thats 420 HC) Always something new!


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