Greetings all. I have a knife in my collection I would like to know more about. First off I attained this knife from my fathers estate , when he passed age 76 a few years back, in cleaning his home this knife (and some others) were up in a closet. I know he servered in Korea in the 50's, I have no clue if he got this knife while there.


Knife:  OD Green Its a OTF Out the front gravity feed knife. Blade is held in handle until you depress the "trigger" ? then with a swift hand motion it thrusts the blade out of the front , firmly locking in place.To release the blade and return  to the stow away position  you have to just up-rite the knife and press the "trigger" (not sure of the correct term there) and the blade drops back into the handle .


The blade itself is well worn, it looks to be sharpened many a time , see pics. Its a hefty knife in hand, not aluminum, the scales are made of a injected plastic , but seem to be quite sturdy (even with cracked corner) see pics.


Just thought all that read this would enjoy seeing this knife as well I would appreciate any feedback and or to tap your knowlege. Thanks in advance. Glenn



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Name this knife ? more pics
looks like a paratroopers knife I received from a vietnam vet friend of mine.
It's a Bundeswehr Eickhorn LL80 German Paratrooper Gravity Knife. It has a 4 inch blade, 10 inch overall length (with blade out). These were designed for paratroopers to free themselves from trees (especially if wounded). Based off an old WWII design (West German designed). The blade slides out with gravity or the flick of a wrist. Has a spike which folds out which is helpful in loosening knots (or stabbing ). The "BW" on the handle means "Bundeswehr" (German for "Federal Defence Force"). It's possible that the other side of the handle is marked "WMF 72" or it may not have any markings. You can find these with both green and black handles. These paratrooper gravity knives have been around for decades and and were made into the 1970's.
Brad, Spot on info ! Thanks so very much. My issue of this knife has only the "BW" . I guess I will hang unto it incase I find myself up a tree with a wound LOL, Jokin, Really thanks much. Glenn
Glen. Look's like a German paratrooper gravity knife. The spike was for untangeling line. I see these every now and then. I do have an older version of this design.

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