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National Knife Day is coming up on August 24th -- that's ten days from today!  

Okay, so this is totally a retail-created "holiday", but there's nothing holy about it -- unless you worship knives or pray at the altar of consumerism -- ha!  Regardless, I indulge/imbibe/partake, whatever word you want to use to indicate participation (please excuse my verbose meanderings -- I just got done playing Wordle AND Spelling Bee).

Anyway, something that's long been a difficult question about how to properly celebrate:  Do you buy your knife/knives ON National Knife Day, or try to time a knife purchase BEFORE National Knife Day so that it arrives on that day (& cross your fingers you time it right)?  The knife retailers that "celebrate" 8/24 seem to advertise mostly on or just before the day, probably thinking that's the best way to sell more...

So far I've tried both, & neither seems to be better than the other.  They both involve obtaining new knives, so how could either be bad?  (Shut up, wallet!)

How about you?  Do you celebrate National Knife Day?  If so, do you indulge by making a new acquisition on the day, or before?  Or do you celebrate by *GASP* appreciating the knives you already own?  Of course, there's always the possibility of doing both -- or even celebrating those knives that have come before, or perhaps certain special knives you've loved, & lost...

For me, I haven't quite yet decided how I'm going to approach it this year..  But celebrate I will!

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Well Dead Left - it appears that a good time was had by all who chose to make the day special. I know I had fun. And I have to agree with your assessment of Denis - he is like the Santa of Nat'l Knife Day!

And I gotta tell ya...I rocked it with that paisley shirt...I mean it was cosmic man!

As for buying something new...well not yet. Unable to pull the trigger on the Polish wz98NZ, but I'm still in negotiations for the French Mannlicher Berthier M1893, (I know...sounds like we're talking about Fine Art here). Here's a quick photo of her...

I have had a lot of fun contributing to this particular thread. I always enjoy the banter between members, but everyone has been particularly fun and creative on this one....so I want to echo your comment and appreciation to Jan. You're right - we don't espouse our appreciation for this space often enough. Huzzah Jan! And THANK YOU!

Cheers Brother - and thanks for kicking this one off!

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