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I wanted to post this so that anyone here does not get bit.  BUYER BEWARE


On an Ebay listing is a 1985 NKCA Club Knife Prototype.  I have photos of the real prototype knife that was sold by Voyles Auction, and I also have an actual 1985 NKCA Club knife.  The knife in the Ebay listing is missing the round NKCA shield, has a 4 dot tang stamp instead of the 5 dot that is on both the prototype and actual knives, and also the blade etching is way off with completely different font and scroll-work.

These prototypes (when real) typically sell for over $125, and I didn't want anyone here to spend that much money on a knife that is not legit.  I also sent the seller an email which pointed out the discrepancies, in case it was an oversight on his part and not a blatant attempt at counterfeiting.

Again, please BUYER BEWARE, and pass on this knife.

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Carl, have we checked to see if this was the submission knife, I have my doubts but I will send the dogleg trapper photo to Lisa and Bruce

Yes.  The knife Bruce sold in the NKCA auction was not this knife, his looked nothing like this one.  I contacted the seller, and they said they are the wife of a knife collector who has passed, and they are selling off the collection a little at a time.  I recommended to her that she make a note about the difference of tang, etch, and shield so that buyers are aware.

WOW, she should get with Bruce or Tommy Clark.  Obviously she does not know what she has and that can lead to too many issues for her and the buyer as well

She did make a note in the listing which lists the concerns I had about the knife.  I respect her honesty in selling the knife and heeding my suggestions that the knife is likely counterfeit.

thanks for heads up carl.  regular eBay knife buyer myself.


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