Please tell us about your Outdoor Adventures this Spring or Summer. Tell us the story and if you have pictures please post them to. I think it will be fun to hear about Outdoor adventures from all over the place. It can be anything from the Outdoors: Fishing, Camping, Hiking, Rock Collecting, Gardening, Picture Taking, Exploring and Scouting ext.... Please, let's hear what Ya'll are up to.

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I have Turkey Hunting - 2 days so far - saw some but no good shots.

We have mostly been gardening: getting the ground ready, planting some - seeds and plants, and cleaning out beds. Will have some pics later. 

I have been fishing off the dock - 3 fish so far, not very good but as the lake warms it should pick up.

Not many stories - but some outdoor activity so far.

     My Grand Daughters boy friend and I went fishing yesterday. The catching was hard but we managed a few. I'll post some pictures later. It was a beautiful day on the Bayou.

Here are some pictures of our little fishing trip, yesterday. We caught a few Bluegills also but threw them back. It was fun just being out there.

Sounds like a great time, beautiful pics, thanks Robert

This is Alabama Bayou, this is where we plan on, going camping soon. This little fishing trip helped me scout around for the fishing, when we get a chance to go camping.

I took pictures of the dust storm today. That barely visible dot was the sun. These were taken around 7:00 pm tonight. I watched 2 of my grandchildren play soccer today in 50 MPH winds. I think we have had a total of about 1" of moisture since the first of the year. The lake I usually go to is 14' below normal. I have lived here since 1969 and have never seen it this bad. OK may be going back to the dust bowl days. This is about the 4th or 5th year of this drought.

That looks like a great fishing spot, and pretty to boot.  Not much into fishing myself, but I do enjoy walking along the river bank and watching the water and critters.  This time of year I have at least an hour after sunrise to walk before going into work.  Now, this walking is done close to town along a paved path so you can imagine my surprise when I spotted what I think was a beaver swimming along.  Maybe one of you could tell me if I'm right or not?  (And who knows, maybe this year I'll get a fishing license and try my hand at catching a fish!)

Got up early this morning, windy and rain promised, caught a nice Crappie from our Dock.

Real nice pictures, guys.

wow some great pictures Thanks for starting this one!

Thanks Steve. I hear you are having a real Outdoor experience right now with the bad weather.

  I need to spread the word about the knife give away, please help me if you can.

I usually try to fish a little every day, even if it is off our Dock. We got 2 7/8" rain last night and the lake was up. Didn't think anything would bite but I wanted to try a new Storm minnow lure so I put it on and went down to the lake. I had a few bites and then caught a big Crappie. I was using 4# test line and he was a fighter. He weighed at least 2#, maybe a bit more. He sure was nice, I let him go to live and catch again. Just that one fish, made a good exciting event. The new lure worked well.


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