Lots of things to do in the spring, one is knowing when to plant and when to wait.

May 10th is my last frost date, passed down from my grandmother. She said you plant something 

that comes up before then, you will be covering it up!  Pop he said oh just use the almanac to plant and

weed and you will be okay.

This year I started the lettuce early. We had a spell of hot weather and that is all 

I needed for good germination.

Such fun it is to grow your own veggies and so Healthy for you too.

Hope everyone joins me in Gardening this year and post their pictures of veggies and flowers and such.

Lettuce is 4  days old, the cages is to keep my dog from digging...lol

Lettuce is up , black seeded simpson, salad mix and crunch

Violets blooming, going to try them in salad tomorrow.

Replenished and cleaned up MY BEACH.......

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My tomato's and peppers don't look like they have been transplanted...woot woot

ITALIAN heirloom

Red grape

Green to red peppers

German Johnson

oh yeah, I did plant a few pansy and portulaca...and then there is the swiss chard that volunteer'd from last year!

Nuthin' like a fresh mater from the garden!

Looking good Miss Sue. Have you ever tried watering and spraying your plants with Epson Salt and water. --1 spoonfull of the salt and 2 cups of warm water, mixed well. Your Tomatoe and pepper plants will produce alot more. You may know this already, I'm just trying to help and making conversation.

yeah Thanks Robert, I have if I start getting yellowing of leaves, like they are starving for magnesium....but it has been a few


since I used it....with the Vintage tomato, they get V wilt earlier than most...but still enjoy large crops of tomato's, same with the 

the peppers...

I have found a weekly feed or spray of miracle grow, keeps them highly active and growing. Once I have planted, that is pretty much all they need.

The enjoyment of growing and of course eating the fruits of your labor is far more fun than buying it at the store and

wonder IF it will taste good or be ripe!

I encourage everyone to grow at least on thing ...in the ground, in a pot, hang it upside down...lol...however and wherever

you can grow ....It is really rewarding and fun to talk about too!

We put almost all of the ten yards of mulch out today!  I died. 

Wow, Craig sounds like you had a hard day. The wife will reward you for your hard work. Well Miss Sue, I guess different areas need different types of help, for all the veggies we try raise. In my area, I use all sorts of stuff to improve the yeild. The veggies raised in homegrown gardens and the free range chickens and their eggs are in high demand around here. They all bring between 2 and 3 times the regular store products price.

we will se about mine tomorrow.  I transplant the tabascos then

Tomatoes are in and lets hope they survive the night. i have a roaring fire going a few feet away so we'll see. Head out there about 0230 to try and stoke the fire and make adjustments. Hit 33 on overnight last night.

Chcikens are laying good with some pullets coming on too, picking up 2 dozen a day right now.

Cass and I don't plant any veggies.My sister and her husband and my younger son supply us with all we can eat; tomatoes, zucchini, leaf lettuce, cucumbers, jalapeno peppers, and radishes. I LOVE zucchini!

Well, I took a walk around the house and yard yesterday, took some quick pic's of the newbies and all that GREEN growing, along with a few of the naturalized flowers I have. Such a great evening to enjoy the outside and Nature.

blooms on the tomato, they must have been hidden when i bought these, plants are less than 2 weeks old.

Lookin'  good!


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