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Great Sheffields Tobias

Great looking Richards, Tobias. I've never seen the bottom one before. If you want a Mountie, please wait to get one with full blades and is not missing the bail. They come up pretty often so you can take your time. I got this one a good while back.

Robert, at this point in the game I tend not to buy camp knives unless the blades are full and they have a bail. I'm getting very picky these day. I can appreciate a well used knife but with few exceptions, I normally pass on them these days. 

And you are absolutely correct the RCMP knives show up almost every month on eBay.  Eventually, a nice one will be reeled in, until then I have something to stalk on eBay.  And half the fun is stalk.

So True, my friend.

This is one of my favorite Scouts, it's a vintage Richardz. It was made before their move to England. I really like this Scout knife.

I like the swedge on that main blade.  Very nice.

Thanks Tobias, I had promised to post a few more Scouts. So I think I'll do another one of my favorites a vintage Kissing Crane. Until I found this one, I didn't even know they made that pattern.

Robert, great old Scout

Here is a very old Kissing Crane Scout. I love these old vintage knives. I think the owners now days need to take care of them for future generations.

Great old knife Robert. If only Knives could talk.

That a good one Robert.  And a famous name to boot!

Well the picture could be better. I need to buy a new camera. Thanks guys, this fits into two different collections of mine. Scout patterns and Kissing Crane brand.


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